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Dachshund Socks

If you are choosing a little something for Christmas holidays or other celebration, we help you to do it easily via pretty cute Dachshund Socks. Why are socks? This item is always needed and can be useful. Socks protect our legs from wet and cold. We are feeling ourselves more comfortable when our feet are warm and dry. So, there are reasons to choose these absolutely adorable socks. If you want to show yours care to your girlfriend, wife, sister, friend or another female family member, the Dachshund Socks is a good selection.

Even your presentee is the earnest woman, the socks with furry friends have the ability to bring a smile on her face. If you inquire us why we have such certainty, we ask you too! How many people do you know who do not fell in love with dogs? There is no one? Fuh! Even you find such stranger, the socks with sausage dogs (they are wearing sweaters!) can melt his cold heart.

A little bit pleasure for your loved ones with Dachshund Socks

Perfect for women

Give your loved person more fun in daily life via soft Dachshund Socks. Due to the universal size, they are perfectly fit both for a small and large foot. The recommended women’s shoe range is 5-9.

Soft and comfortable

The Dachshund Socks is suitable both for medium and warm weather. They made of comfortable to skin combination of materials: cotton, spandex, elastane, and polyurethane. Thanks to that the socks care about your feet anytime. While warm seasons, this material protects from moisture. During cold weather season, it retains heat.

Two pairs in the pack

What could be better than cute socks with dachshunds? That is right! Two pairs of socks with these sausage dogs! The Dachshund Socks by Pomlia is delivered in a pack of two pairs. Your loved women can wear them together or separate. Each of the options will look adorable.