Cute Silicone Kitty Night-Light

Night-light is a great way to create a comfortable and calm atmosphere. It may help your child fall asleep without any problems. And if you want to buy something not only reliable but cute as well, you should choose this Kitty night-light produced by NeoJoy Company. It’s a great gift idea for children, who are afraid of darkness.

Key Features of Kitty Night-Light

This amazing night-light is designed with the remote control. Now you will be able to choose one of 4 different light modes. Also, you will get an opportunity to select the level of brightness and turn on or off the kitty night-light. In addition, there are 16 different static colours, so you can choose your favourite one without any problems. Everything that you need to do is just to press the button.

Furthermore, the kitty night-light is designed with battery, which provides 15 hours of work after the full loading of the device. And of course, it is absolutely safe for your child, because it is soft and doesn’t have any sharp parts. The NeoJoy Company uses only high-quality silicone in the production of the kitty night-lights. The silicone is absolutely BPA-free. Besides, you will be able to wash the night-light without any difficulties. Furthermore, it doesn’t get hot, so your child can put this amazing kitty night-light into the bed.

This silicone night-light is the best way to appease your child. It guarantees deep and sound sleep for every kid. The soothing glow will create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and your child will fall asleep without any problems. Besides, the kitty night-light is so cute that it may become a great decoration for your home.

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