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Count & Match Egg Set

Tired of cheap toys that tend to fall apart in a few days? The first years of a little one are priceless. So, it is obvious you strive to give them the very best. The educational toys is a right start of building a smart mind! Are you on hunt for a gift ideas to a kid proving to be solid, mindful and fun? Thankfully, the Count & Match Egg Set meets all these demands, and even more! In the combination of a great playtime and an educational value, it provides hours of joy and learning. Appropriate for both boys and girls at the age of 1,5 years old and up.

What is the secret of the Count & Match Egg Set popularity? It appeals to kid‘s natural curiosity. What is inside? How can I open it? Delight your kid/ grandkid, nephew/ niece, or someone else with this toy for Christmas, Birthday, Easter celebration, and many other occasions.

Built to last!

The set includes 12 eggs in a box. The material for eggs and the box is kid-friendly, tested and certified BPA-free plastic. Eggs consist of two equal parts and contain different colors and numbers. Various bright colors inside the eggs, vibrant yellow color of the box are pleasant to kid’s eyes. Smooth shape, perfect size for small hands. Moreover, the egg box turns out to be a convenient carrying and storage case.

Learning can be fun!

This interactive toy by ‘Kidzlane’ brand is a great choice for kid’s brain development. Toddlers and preschoolers take the eggs apart and try to figure out how to put the parts back together. The goal of the game is to match pegs with corresponding holes of both parts of each egg. Thus, in a playful way, they work on their number recognition, color identification, fine motor skills, learn to count.