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Conversation Game for Couples

Conversation is key to a warm relationship and a happy life. So, give that pleasure to you and your significant other via Conversation Game for Couples by Our Moments. This set of conversation cards for pairs proves to be both play and instructive pastime for the relationship. Choose it to provide the hours of enjoyment and whole “only yours” time.

Key features of Conversation Game for Couples

Our life runs fast. Each of us is busy during whole days, and often we do not have time for close conversation with our family members. And contrariwise, just a few hours a day of pleasant conversation is able to support a healthy microclimate in the family. The Conversation Game for Couples is a tool to do that. It helps the two of you to reconnect with each other in the most effective way.

The Conversation Game by Our Moments is a useful item both for just married persons and pairs who stay together for many years. This game helps to know each other via 100 interactive cards with questions. The Conversation Game for Couples by Our Moment is a fabulous gift idea for loved persons who want to keep their feelings and support relationship alive.

How to play?

Give yourself and your loved ones enjoyable feelings via Conversation Game for Couples by Our Moments. This conversation game gives your couple a chance for deeply rediscovering of each other by the pleasant way. Each card gives the pair a jumping off point to further communicate and talk together. There are a hundred questions and therefore hundred occasions for better knowing each other. Inside the box, there are topics about happy and sad moments, questions about meaning certain doings for two of you, and more.

For whom?

The Conversation Game by Our Moments is an excellent gift idea for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion. This kit is also suitable as a little present for the wedding.

If your couple in love with car trips, the Conversation Game is also a great idea. Both for long-term vacation and daily car usage, this questions box is a suitable addition. So, be sure to purchase it for your family and take it anywhere you go with your loved couple.