Colored pencils set (72 colors)

Creativity and art, whatever form it takes, is not only a way of self-expression but also a way to find yourself, your place in life, to develop your personality. Colored pencils set (72 colors) is a great opportunity to materialize on paper your ambitious art ideas. Instead, you can use these pencils just to relax with art therapy anti-stress coloring book. This Colored pencils set is suitable for beginners and advanced painters, for children and adults. You will get hours of enjoyment out of painting. The set offers you a wide palette of bright colors for your experiments and complete creative expression. It is an appropriate choice to draw detailed illustrations, life drawing or quick sketches.

Key features

Each pencil is 7 inches long. It has an individual number code for easy identification.

Colored pencils set makes it possible to try various specific techniques such as intensive drawing, broad strokes, mixing colors, drawing in several layers. Colors lay down smoothly on the paper. If you press lightly with the pencil, you get a light pastel effect. You should press a little harder for high color saturation.

With a wide range of colors, you will definitely achieve the best result. Different shades of red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, black, white, etc. are available in the set.

High-grade pigments make the pencils perfect for delightful shading and blending. Core is thick and moderately soft. The pencil casing is made of high quality wood to protect the pencil pigment core from breakage. It needs a very hard pressure before the pencil tip will break.

All pencils are sharpened. Moreover, two small sharpeners come with the set for your convenience.

Additionally, you get canvas roll bag together with the set. It makes easier to take the pencils anywhere you go. It helps to keep the pencils well organized and unbroken.

Be sure: person who enjoys coloring will be happy owner of this Colored pencils set (72 color)!