Coleman Portable Spa

Do you like to spend your time in a warm bath? Or maybe you are a standing customer of spa salon. Now, you can get a chance to stay relaxed and satisfied even without leaving your house! All that you need is Coleman Portable Spa and a lot of water. Furthermore, you even can take this inflatable hot tub on your vacation.  Besides, it may be a great gift idea for the person you like and want to surprise.

Collective Fun with Coleman Portable Spa

Can you imagine that this portable hot tub holds up to 4 people? You can invite your friends and have a relaxing evening together with them. And spa’s soft floor and massage jets will make pastime even more pleasant.

It will take several minutes to inflate the hot tub and the heating system will heat the water up to 104 degrees. The temperature is perfect for relaxation and rest after a long and tiring day. Although, you can choose the temperature you want with the help of digital control panel. Besides, there are 2 handles, which you can use to transport it without any difficulties.

The special construction of the hot tub allows you to sit even on its sides. In addition, you will get many useful things, such as a chemical floater or inflatable cove, to keep your portable spa clean and prevent it from damages. Though the tub is made of reliable materials, still, you will need to follow the work instructions. And take into account that you can’t use the hot tube in temperatures under 40 degrees.

Coleman portable spa is a unique item and you can use it to have a comfortable and pleasant time with your friends or by yourself. You even can use it to impress your soul mate during a romantic evening.

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