Code&quill notepad for creatives

If you are a designer, artist, product manager or simply an office worker that needs to make constant sketches and notes, you know how frustrating it might be to use notepads that were not made for human use. What I mean is that they keep closing and you need to hold the page to prevent it from turning. The paper material in such notepads forces you to press the pen hard in order to have something written. After a couple of weeks, the pages start falling out and you keep losing important information. Those are common problems with the notepads we use nowadays. The founder of the startup that gave life to code&quill notepads faced similar issues. And that is why they strived to create a really useful, high-quality notepad without all those problems. Code&quill notepad is simple, but you will definitely enjoy using it.

Code&quill notepad key features

  • This notepad was designed first of all for creative people. Those who need or like to draw sketches and write short notes explaining their sketches and drawings. The layout of the Code&quill notepad contains two halves. The left half has dots that help draw sketches, wireframes, and drawings. Dotted structure of the page is very comfortable to have some structure for the sketch. The right side of the notepad has a special indentation rule. It helps to make notes, write code and leave reminders.
  • The size if the notepad is perfect: 5.5″ for 7.7″. The cover is hard and available in several colors: dark and light ones.
  • The internal pages of the Code&quill notepad are made of 100GSM, acid-free, fine grain paper. Such a quality makes sure that writing and drawing are easy, pages will not be look-through and the notepad will last for a long time, as long as you need it in a perfect shape.
  • The producer uses a lay flat design, which ensures that every notebook lays flat even if it is first, last or middle page.

The Code&quill notepad will be a perfect gift for designers or creative people that need to make sketches, wireframes or drawings. If you are looking for digital solutions for making drawings and sketches, then read our post on smart pens here.