Coconut Bowls Set

Isn’t it wonderful to have something unique right at home to remind you about summer, sea, beach and palm trees? Do you dream of island adventures? Or maybe you are still impressed with your last exotic trip? The Coconut bowls set is meant to lift your vibes! You’ll get double benefit with this set since it isn’t only a décor in the kitchen, but a functional tableware. Sounds perfect to experience nature while taking breakfast! Make sure that food would taste better out of a coconut! Moreover, attractive display on a dinner table provides an inspiration for entire family. In addition, using the organic bowls turns out to be a super creative idea for instafood pictures. Smoothie, fruit salad, dessert, oatmeal with nuts and berries, get ready to reach a record number of likes!

Eco friendly gift to impress someone you care

If you feel this exceptional coconut collection will suit personality of your close ones, don’t waste a chance to give it to them as a gift. The Coconut bowls set is definitely able to delight your vegan friends, traveling and tropic lovers, everyone who value natural beauty and who choose to go green. Comes in a beautiful gift box, so no worries about packaging before gifting it to your families and friends.

From nature right to your home

The set includes 2 bowls and 2 spoons. Each piece is 100% handcrafted and can never be replicated. Made of reclaimed coconut shell, the bowls bring a sense of natural imperfection. Nevertheless, aesthetic and sturdy. One of the bowls is well polished and another has rough texture. The material for the spoons is the coconut palm wood. No harmful chemicals or plastic. The coconut dishes have just the right size: not too big and not small.

Easy to clean and store! Quick hand wash will be enough. Do not use the microwave, keep in dry place.