Cocktail shaker set

Delicious cocktails are an important part of holiday cheer and good mood at the cocktail party. Obviously, Cocktail shaker set ‘Blusmart’ will make you a pro bartender. You will surprise your guests by making drinks easily and quickly even if you are new in cocktail serving. Fancy party or casual get-together can turn out to be a fun memorable event for your friends, colleagues or relatives. Just make sure your bar is stocked!

Cocktail shaker set key features

Reliability – the shaker is made of stainless steel. Durability, scratch resistance, and anti-corrosion properties are the qualities, which can keep this item out of staining and guarantee a long lifespan.

Environmentally friendly – Cocktail shaker set is 100% safe and acceptable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Portability – all supplementary tools of Cocktail shaker set fit into a shaker bowl easily, so it is conveniently storable and portable.

Easy to use – the set doesn’t require special skills to prepare complex beverages with various ingredients. 8 different cocktail options will help you to manage it. You need to choose the drink you want, rotate the recipe guide on the shaker body and just follow step-by-step instructions. With exact measuring tips, you will make the best Margarita, Mojito, Manhattan, and others.

A layer of a black plastic on the top cover of cocktail shaker prevents splashing out.

The shaker has a tight fitting white ring on the lid, which serves to mix the drinks well, helps to avoid leak and splash.

A built-in strainer strain away any unwanted pieces such as ice etc.

Double cup bottom design makes cocktail shaker stand stable on any table.

A stainless steel spoon is a bonus accessory for you convenient cocktail-making experience.

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