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Cloth baby wipes set

Are you coming up with a baby shower gift? Attentive young parents are extra careful in choosing necessities for their newborn, and you are trying to match their need? It is obvious you expect your unique gift to be practical and helpful. Don’t worry! The Cloth baby wipes set appears to be daily use essential for any parents from the very first days of a baby’s life.

Smart choice for many reasons! These washable cloth wipes are much more safe and gentle to the sensitive baby skin than cold wet wipes. They are environmentally-friendly and zero-waste alternative to disposable wipes, which you need to buy over and over again. That means, it helps to save money.

Thus, those who choose only natural products to their little one, who follow zero-waste philosophy, who concern about value for money, will definitely appreciate your investment! In addition, neat packaging makes it gift-ready. Don’t hesitate to set your sights on this supply! Family members or friends will be happy with it!

Some cute features about the Cloth baby wipes set

The set includes 36 square wipes. The size of each wipe is 8×8 inches. Made of super soft cotton flannel. The edges are machine sewed for a long lifespan, and the corners are rounded. Pleasant colors and various patterns are a nice touch. The solid fabric is able to withstand hundreds of washes. Both hand and machine wash are appropriate.

Multiple use

The washable wipes offer wide spectrum of use, such as cleaning baby’s hands, face, or baby’s bum. You can keep some in the kitchen to use as napkins under the chin while feeding. Besides, the wipes are proving to be helpful for diaper changes or serve as a wash rag after taking bath.

Fit great in a wipe warmer. Perfect for cleaning a baby’s skin with boiled marigold or chamomile.