Clear Bubble Umbrella

Functional and stylish gift it is exactly what the Clear bubble umbrella by ‘totes’ brand offers. It is great versatile present for her and for him for birthday, anniversary, any holiday, and many more! Cute idea for White Elephant gift. Looks pretty on the pictures, so it appears to be an eye-catching accessory for a theme photo shoot, wedding day, graduation, etc. Suits perfectly for special occasion and everyday city walking as well. Simple design with clear bubble dome are the reasons the one who gets this umbrella will definitely love it!

What is the concept of the Clear bubble umbrella, which makes it so exceptional?

It is smart of you to have this weather gear at hand anywhere you go if forecast calls for rain. And no need to waste time at home while it is raining. Waterproof canopy provides super convenient rain coverage. Furthermore, you have maximum protection in case rain coupled with wind since the bubble dome design turns out a shield for your face, head, and shoulders. No worries about getting wet in a rainstorm. Above all, smart construction prevents flipping inside out when a strong wind blows. Additionally, large size is a guarantee you won’t feel tight. The diameter of the umbrella is about 33 inches.

Clear material makes it possible to see where you are going. No awkward run-ins on busy streets and crowded sidewalks. You got no cause to hide your personal style, let your charm shine through!

Lightweight shaft is made of aluminum. Acrylic handle in matte silver color is long and comfortable.

Care tips

Note that the umbrella comes with a dusty powder coating inside in order to keep it from sticking to the plastic. To need to wipe it before first use. During next use, wipe the plastic surface from the water drying spots and leave the umbrella air dry before folding up to prevent mold.