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Cat Grass

Looking for a useful gift for close to your pets lovers? The Cat Grass Growing Kit is a great choice for every furry friend and their owners. This kit delivers an essential part of cat’s and dog’s well-being. So, be sure to select it for every indoor or even outdoor pet. The health and prevention of diseases is the best gift ever.

Advantages of the Cat Grass by Cat Ladies:

Stomach diseases protection

Green plants are a fundamental part of home pets diet. But not all home plants are safe for feline and canine friends. Moreover, some of them may be harmful to their health. Instead of that, the non-toxic plants such as the Cat Grass by Cat Ladies offer the health benefits for stomach, acts as a digestive aid. The green grass includes the fiber. Thanks to that the grass can speed up the digestion process. Also, the grasses juice contains the folic acid that helps in the making of the hemoglobin, oxygenates the blood.

Balanced diet

This organic Cat Grass Growing Kit is a beneficial addition for every pet’s meal. The Cat Grass is a potent source of healthy carbohydrates, essential elements, and vitamins (A, B, C, E, and K). So, this set a perfect choice for every furry friend and their owners. It is delivered with a blend of organic, cat’s and dog’s suitable seeds: wheat, flax, barley, oats, and rye. Also, this grass will be loved by other domestic animals such as rabbits, cavies, and even reptiles.

Furballs control

It is common knowledge that grooming themselves is one of the favorite cat’s pastime. They can spend over the 60 percent of wakefulness to thorough licking of their wool. But that may cause the hairballs and digestion diseases. So, the second point to growing the green grass at home is their assistance of coughing up the hairballs. Also, the grass helps to rid of potential toxins inside the stomach via bringing on the vomiting.

Enjoyable to grow

The Cat Grass by The Cat Ladies is a gift for tolerant to waiting persons. It is easy to use, but demand to wait 5-7 days. The kit includes all items for successful growing: the mix of seeds, soil for planting, and super cute cat-shaped planter.