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Car Seat Protector for Dogs

Go anywhere you want with all the family members together. Travel a lot: for a long distance or nearby city, decide to visit relatives in other country or drive by car to the nearest park. Everything you want! And you do not need to exclude domestic animals from your plans. The high-quality Car Seat Protector helps you to take your pets everywhere you go and protect your car from a mess, slobbers, dirt, claw marks,  hair. The advanced seat cover hammock will be suitable both for a long trip, two-days weekend or daily using. Choose it for yourself, friends or colleague with fur animals. Be sure, they will be much happier.

Advantages of Car Seat Protector for Dogs

Comfortable for a dog, useful for a driver

The dog hammock is supplied with a free folding bowl and easy-opening clamp. Thanks to this stuff you can give your family favorite something delicious during a long trip. Also, the car protector with seat belt holder for dogs offers a road safety. It keeps your dog off from jumping on to the front seat and distracting driver’s attention. This back seat protector is recommended for dogs up to 80 pounds.

Quality waterproof material

The Car Seat Protector is a perfect object for owners with an active dog which likes to explore new areas, generally places with dirt and mud. It protects your back seats from all damage that involve transporting a dog by car. The protector is made of triple layer high-quality material, so it will be durable for a long time. Also, this car hammock won’t absorb any bodily fluid from your dog.

Slipping protection

This Car Protector for back seats helps your dog to feel comfortable on all road trips. Thanks to the non-slip material your lovely pup is protected from sliding and falling. Moreover, the anti-slip cover steadily holds on the seats and reliably protects car interior.

Easy to fix

The Car Protector for back seats is comfortable and simple for use. Due to a thoughtful design, this back seats cover is very easy to fix and remove in the car. This model has a front flap that normally attaches to headrests and side flaps that protect the doors. Also, you can fold side flaps and transform the dog hammock into a basic seat cover.