CamelBak Water Bottle
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CamelBak Water Bottle

Looking for a gift for your parent friends? CamelBak Water Bottle is what you have been searching for. Because this bottle is a successful blend of practicality and beauty. Due to the size, which is exactly suitable for small hands, this bottle makes a perfect solution for child ages 3-8. We sure, all kids will like these colorful images with favorite characters. And also the parents will have a lot of relief feelings via design with spill protection.

Advantages of CamelBak Water Bottle

Promotion of kid’s self-independence

It is common knowledge that children aim to be like adults. Little ones copy parents like sponges, but often they do not have enough mastery. So, they need special tools to develop their skills. And CamelBak Water Bottle is exactly that helper. Thanks to the design with the valve, this bottle is a great solution for learning your kids to drink without the help of adults.

Spilling protection

CamelBak Water Bottle features a spill-resistant design to keep happy both kids and their parents. Thanks to the specially designed valve this bottle provides the correct flow of water while preventing its accidental spilling. So, you don’t need to follow your kid around the house wiping off little puddles.

Colorful design

Make hydration of your kids easier and exciting via CamelBak Water Bottle. Thanks to the design with different colors and cute images, this bottle can be a pleasant part of the walk both for boys and girls. Just choose the design with their favorite character.

Easy to take with you

Get ready for new adventure with your little one and CamelBak Water Bottle. Whether you go to the nearest park for a short walk or have a long-term vacation, this bottle keeps your kid well-hydrated. This cute bottle by CamelBak is small enough to fit inside the bag without taking up a lot of space. Also, integrated loop grip allows you to clip CamelBak Water Bottle on a backpack carabiner.