Bushnell Legend L-Series Binoculars

Reliable binoculars are unexpendable for every hunter, tourist or even fisherman. You can use them to find the place for camping, fishing or to search for foiling. Also, binoculars may be a unique Christmas gift for people interested in airsoft or reconstructions of different military events. And these ones produced by famous Bushnell company are among the best at the market.

Characteristics of the Bushnell Legend L-Series Binoculars

The Bushnell Company produces Legend L-Series Binoculars according to the highest quality standards. They guarantee an amazing level of definition, image clarity and brightness. And you can get all these benefits at a reasonable price. Besides, you can also purchase a case for the binoculars to increase their protection.

First of all, eyecups are comfortable and you can use the binoculars even with glasses. Do you want to use them on the coast? Water and fog resistance will protect your binoculars from humidity. This feature will be useful for people, who like watching birds at the seaside or for the ones, who work on a shipboard. In addition, 42 mm object lenses guarantee 10x maximum magnification and ultra wide field-of-view. That’s why people can use these binoculars during hunting. The target won’t escape!

The prism is made of BAK-4 glass. The exit pupil is 4.2 mm and the eye relief is 18 mm. Also, the size is among the benefits of the Bushnell Legend L-Series binoculars. They are compact and you can take them everywhere. And besides, you can hold them in your arms without fear to let them slip between your fingers. All in all, you can get great and reliable binoculars without overpaying for them. This item will be useful not only for beginners and nature lovers but also for professional hunters and tourists. Actually, you can use Legend L-Series Binoculars almost for any purposes. Furthermore, thousands of positive reviews from the customer also prove the product’s high quality.

The binoculars may be a great gift idea for any man and high-quality materials guarantee complete satisfaction. Bushnell Company produced this model for people, who enjoy an active way of life. No doubts, that this is one of the best models to buy nowadays.

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