Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Would you like to find out a secret of a magic morning? Nothing makes your morning perfect like quick and nutritious breakfast. The Breakfast sandwich maker is proving to be a real catch in every kitchen! Do you suppose breakfast to be rich and filling? Then this device is completely for you! Isn’t it tricky to think of something easy and tasty to cook every single day, especially when you are in a rush at breakfast time? Done deal! The sandwich maker offers pleasant cooking experience and yummy result! From now on, forget about grabbing semi-finished products. Within five minutes, fresh homemade breakfast is ready!

Don’t miss a chance to delight your loved ones, relatives or friends with this super practical unique gift! Perfect for families with children, college students, office workers and anyone who usually has morning rush.

Breakfast sandwich maker ingredient options

English muffin, bread, croissant, biscuit, raw egg, cheese, bacon or any pre-cooked meat are appropriate ingredients for the sandwich maker. Assemble your favorite sandwich of your choice and enjoy your incredible breakfast! It’s completely up to you to replace white bread with whole-grain one, tofu instead of cheese, veggies, and various vegetarian alternative as well. By the way, you will get some recipe ideas with the device.

What you should know about this kitchen gadget?

The surfaces of the cooking plates have non-stick coating. It wipes clean easily by hand or you can wash removable parts in a dishwasher. Being compact, the sandwich maker is convenient to store anywhere.

How to operate?

Plug it in and wait for a couple moments until the light turns green. Once preheated, it is time to add ingredients layer upon layer. First piece of bread comes on the bottom cooking plate, then place cheese slice, bacon, crack an egg onto the egg plate, put another piece of bread. Close the top cover, but don’t press it down. In 5 minutes, voilà, taste your culinary delight!