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Bosom Buddies Glass Markers

Are you in love with cold beverages? Or you have a good person in your life, who enjoys parties? We have already found a perfect gift both for you and him. These Bosom Buddies Glass Markers in the shape of swimming people is the hilarious idea for hanging out with friends, Birthday celebration, etc. No doubt, your guests will laugh a lot, when seeing this set at first. Bosom Buddies Glass Markers are also a great idea for White Elephant Exchange.

Advantages of Bosom Buddies Glass Markers

The perfect gift to have fun

Let celebrate pleasant moments of life with Bosom Buddies Glass Markers. Whether you are preparing a barbecue in the backyard or going to celebrate the successful exams, this set is a hilarious addition to your party. It also a great gift for a person with a sense of humor. So, be sure to choose this set of cocktails markers for good friend, coworker, roommate, and so on.

Set of 6 markers

Bosom Buddies Glass Markers includes 6 figures of speedo-clad men, which suitable for both glassware: wine, cocktails, martini, etc. So, these markers are a perfect solution to add more fun to your celebration. Just attach marker to the side of the glass with your drink. The figure of a charming person, beyond doubt, will look after your beverage during the whole party. You additionally can combine these markers for cocktails with other adorable supplements such as dachshund ice cubes.

Wide choice for your celebration

The manufacturer NPW-USA also offers other funny markers for your next party. Among the collection, you can find a bunch of 4 cowboys, 6 bikini-clad lovely women, pair of a bride and groom, 4 nudists, set of athletic men inspired by Magic Mike, 4 men in uniform, 12 speedo-clad muscle men, 4 Jesus, 6 wrestling muscle men, and more.