Bop It! Game

A choice of a good present can often become a great challenge, especially when you want to find a universal gift. Bop It! Game solves this problem perfectly. This toy is what you need to have fun for both children and adult parties.

Key features of the Bop It! Game

Bop It! is a toy of an unusual shape, inside of which there is a robot, telling players what to do now. Children have to succeed to shout into the microphone, twist the spinner, pull the necessary detail or strike the large white button until the robot comes up with a new task. The longer you play, the faster you need to do everything.

There are three game modes in Bop It. In the action mode, you just try to score points as quickly as you can. It has standard commands. For instance, you are to hammer or golf the toy. Apart from these commands, this gadget can surprise you with numerous new fun moves. They include options like “Whip it!”, “Sing it!”, “Cradle it!”, etc.

The classic mode is to perform the necessary action with the toy when it says “Twist it!”, for example. Besides, it uses commands to pull and bop the toy. When you hear “Shoulder — Bop it!”, you need to either bend to perform this move or have time to substitute this toy to a neighbor player so that he or she presses the button with his or her shoulder.
When you get enough number of points, you can open the most difficult mode. Here tasks are given in different sounds, words, and using voice commands. For instance, yellow color on the display means “Twist it!”. The beat bop is a challenge but pure fun.

The game is available for solo and group play. For the latter one, the pass-it mode is the most appropriate.
All the commands are in a random order. The product is lightweight and easy to carry.

This game is an amazing gift for any child. Bop It helps develop attentiveness, motility, and quick reaction, especially on difficult levels. Take this product for a children’s holiday, and fun is guaranteed. Besides, Bop It is a great idea for big companies. Adults can get unforgettable memories, playing with this toy. By the way, it’s worth taking a video of how the game is going as well. Bop It is a great gift for any occasion.

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