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Boolean Box

Girls developing power

Give your loved daughter, sister or niece the opportunity to explore the incredible universe of electronics and programming. Let the discovery stars with Boolean Box. Unlike other educational kits, this build-it-yourself computer box grows with your kid and supports her interests for the years.

Learning code step by step

The Boolean Box is not only a toy. It inspires children, explores their interests, teaches them to solve problems successfully. The main idea of project concentrates on things which kids are opting in. With this gadget be sure the next generation will know how to learn. So, it will grow more mindful and self-confident. Promoting the imagination, creativity, curiosity, ingenuity — is one of the best decision for our future.

The Boolean Box completes the basic computer — Raspberry Pi, model 3. Its 64-bit quad-core processor running at 1.2GHz, the Ram includes 1 GB. Thanks to their power your child take the first experience how to code. Just link a computer with TV or monitor for a start. Use an HDMI-cable for connection.

Every day challenge

Introduce to programming with Scratch

The Boolean Box offers interesting tasks for different levels of electronics and coding knowledge. If your kid is new in it, start with Scratch. It is a visual block-based language, perfect to fall in love with programming. “Imagine, Program, Share” — this slogan is excellent to understand their philosophy.

The magic of electrical circuits

If your presentee has any experience in electricity learning, for example, at school, start with electrical circuits section. With this educational computer box, your child can build his own game controller, the light element, check errors in the project, etc. Due to simple circuit knowledge and few programming skills, a celebration of light, sound, and motion will begin.

Python an easy way

The other thing your child inspire in with Boolean Box — is the Python. It is a popular text-based language which used in software development, web development, etc. The Boolean Box helps to start learning this programming language and use knowledge in real projects. After a study, your kid can pump his skills during MadLibs game building and Minecraft modification.

What is inside the Boolean Box?

The Boolean Box includes everything your kid needs to code in Scratch or Python. It also contains elements to build simple electrical circuits: wires, lights, buttons, etc. They can be used for game controller creation for instance. It is self-contained, easy and fun. Perfect for girls (and boys, why not?) 8+ years old.

Besides Raspberry Pi computer and circuits elements, inside the Boolean Box, you will find: mouse and ergonomic keyboard which does not need cable-connection; custom case; breadboard for creation electronics plans; power device; Pi GPIO pin; 8GB memory card (preloaded with Raspian OS and software for practice programming); cable HDMI.