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Book Safe

Every one of us probably has a friend or colleague who never cares about things that don’t belong to him. If needed, this person will take something private from a private place. Sometimes, these are such small things like a pen, a phone charger or a candy – not a big deal! But when someone habitually uses your personal stuff without asking– this really bothers! Most often this happens in the office, where people may think ‘We are a team, and that’s why we use everything in common!’ If you don’t want your workmates to use or even touch your personal belongings – keep them in a safe. No need for a strongbox with thick bulletproof walls and fingerprint lock like in the movies. Stalwart offers a simpler but yet more stylish and inconspicuous option – a book safe.

Your valuables out of touch in a book safe

The greatest advantage of the book safe is absolute unattractiveness. In times when people spend most of their free time on social media, trying to catch someone’s attention with a book seems just impossible. Especially, if it is Dictionary of the English Language because that’s what Stalwart’s book safe look like a thick reference book nobody is likely to ever open.

Store your valuables like keys, money, jewelry, passport and other documents in the book safe and never lose them. If colleagues keep borrowing small change, wet napkins, gum or phone charger from your desk book safe is the right place to hide them.

The book safe is made of steel, weighs 800 g and has a keylock, hidden behind the front cover. The set comes with two keys in case you lose one or want to use the same book safe with a friend. But instead of sharing the same ‘Dictionary’ it will be nice to give a book safe as a gift for your colleague.

Now, we’ve solved the problem of keeping your personal stuff safe in the office. But what about outside dangers likes thieves? We carry quite expensive gadgets to work, wallet with ID and bank cards, smartphone, and accessories. If you live in a big city and commute by public transport, there is always a risk someone will try to still something from your bag. Every day, almost 40 000 pocket thefts happen around the world. And that’s only in the metro. Streets of Shanghai, a megapolis in China, are so unsafe its citizens carry their backpacks in front.

Bobby Anti-theft Backpack was designed to keep your stuff safe in crowded places. It’s not that easy to open it, even to find where and how exactly it opens. A pocket knife won’t do much damage too it either.