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Bobby anti-theft backpack

Big city life is a challenge. Every day almost 400000 pocket thefts are reported around the world. Obviously, nobody is safe from pickpocketing. Nobody, except the owners of Bobby anti-theft backpack. Special protection system against thieves, ergonomic design, weight distribution system, LED stripes and a built-in USB port to charge your phone on the go! Every detail of this backpack has been well thought-out: from a special suitcase fastening for travelers to the original YKK zipper.

Anti-theft system

The citizens of Shanghai are always worried about their valuables. Therefore, they usually wear their backpacks in front to keep an eye on them. Crowded streets of this Chinese megapolis inspired designers from XD Design to create a ‘safe backpack’. At the first glance, it looks like Bobby anti-theft backpack has no opening. 

The zipper of the main section is built-in along the back of the backpack. The backpack opens up at three different angles: 30°, 90°, and 180°. If you need to quickly take out your notebook or tablet, it’s enough to open the backpack at just 30°. Put the backpack on the desk and open it easily at 90° to take the main stuff. If you carry something bulky, open it to 180° as if it was a suitcase.

Anti-cut protection

To protect Bobby from compression and cutting, the designers used a multi-layer effect. The top layer – polyester fabric. The front and side parts are waterproof. A layer of soft material to protect from sudden hitting and a few layers of fabric for more safety. A layer of polypropylene under the soft pads protects the backpack from knife and razor cuts.  

Everything at hand

Imagine yourself in the morning flowing with the crowd to enter the subway. Finally, you’ve reached the turnstile and realize that your travel card is in the wallet which is also inside your bag. How awkward it feels having to stop in the middle of a hurry to find something small like a card.

But not with Bobby! Quick-access pockets on the inner side of the backpack straps were specifically designed for things like wallets, bank cards, change, and keys. In addition, there are two more pockets on the back side for important documents like passport or smartphone.

Safety at Night

Bobby anti-theft backpack has four light reflection zones: tow on the sides, one in the front and XD Design logo. It doesn’t matter from which side the light comes: if you are moving on the bike drivers will spot you from 100 m distance.

Built-in USB port

On the inner side of the right strap,  you will find a USB-port. Place a power battery inside and connect it to the USB cable. Now you can charge your smartphone on the go.

Proper weight distribution

Ergonomic design reduces the load on your shoulders and makes you feel the actual weight 20-25% lighter. The heaviest things are usually placed the closest to your back while strong partitions between the compartments prevent the weight from shifting. Finally, the ventilated soft material won’t let your back sweat or get tired even after a long day of carrying Bobby backpack.

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