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Blue Wave Aqua Golf Backyard Game

Golf is one of the most popular games in the world. It’s a great chance to have relaxation and fun. And if you are a true golf fan, you definitely need to try this Blue Wave Aqua Golf Backyard Game! It’s really interesting to play, so prepare yourself for hours of merriment. Besides, this game is great for mental and physical development. And it’s no-brainer that it’ll be awesome to play this game in the company of your friends. It can surely become the main attraction at any party. This game is quite the thing to drive away boredom.

Fascinating Game for Healthy Lifestyle

The kit includes all elements necessary to play golf. It consists of floating green, two cups and flags, a chipping mat and twelve balls of two different colours. Everything is really easy to use, so you can install this mini-golf field without any problems. The great fact is that you may place the playground area wherever you want, even on the water in your swimming pool. In this case, it’ll stay afloat and make the game more thrilling and interesting.

The floating green is made of high-quality foam, plastic and nylon. Also, thanks to the balls of two different colours, you can hold a contest with your friends to test your skills. All balls are also floating, so it is really easy to take them out of the pool. To play this game you may use any golf club. However, take into account that golf clubs aren’t included!

If you are going to make a perfect gift for an active person of any age or gender, pay your attention to the Aqua Golf Backyard Game. It’s suitable for a big family or for a sociable individual, who often throws parties at home. Such present will become a wonderful surprise not only for one person but also for the whole family or company of friends Give it as a gift on Christmas, New Year, birthday, Mother’s and Father’s Day or any other holiday.

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