Blue Mandala Metal Grinder

Blue Mandala Metal Grinder is a good gift for a person who loves beauty even in small details. It also a great gift for cooking-enthusiast or one, who already has everything. This 4-piece kitchen stuff is that case when perfect quality meets the perfect price. High quality, original 3D mandala pattern and charming package makes a choice to please your wife, girlfriend, daughter, friend, coworker, and so on.

Advantages of Blue Mandala Metal Grinder

Premium blades

Blue Mandala Metal Grinder is made of zinc coated and anodized stainless steel, which makes its lifespan for years. The high-quality, durable finish also avoids rust, scratch, or stain. The construction with textured edges offers a non-slip grip and better grind. 50 diamond shaped grinding teeth in the main grinding chamber helps to achieve the best result of chopping your favorite spices and herbs. At the same time, the stainless steel micro-screen controls the fineness of herbs. And the powerful neodymium magnets help to keep all flavor inside the grinder.

Best results for home using

Let your home-cooking meals meets high-quality taste. Unlike the pre-grinded spices and herbs, which you can buy in the supermarket, self-made seasoning is able to emphasize the flavors of dishes properly. And Blue Mandala Metal Grinder helps you to grind herbs and spices quickly and without efforts.

Beautiful design

Blue Mandala Metal Grinder is a blend of practical kitchen tool and a piece of art. The design with colorful print and polyurethane coat makes a vivid, three-dimensional effect. Besides charming appearance, the finish gives to grinder waterproof and scratchproof properties. For someone, the pattern with blue mandala also looks like a coloring book.

Portable size

Metal Grinder by manufacturer Swagstr Grinders is made on Grind and Go design. Thanks to the size of 2.5 x 1.75 inches and weight about 8 ounces it perfectly fits on hand, bag, or even pocket. Also, it can be transformed into smaller 3-piece size. Just removing the center micro-screen.