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Black tea “Blood Orange”

The benefits of Black tea Blood Orange could be enormous. They are a prevention of infectious diseases, the fight against premature aging of the body, and treatment of depression, and much more. So, we can say that the need for regular use of tea with orange is beyond doubt. This tea with oranges was prepared according to the best ancient traditions and modern technologies.

If you turn your eyes in the depths of centuries, it becomes clear – the most widespread citrus tea is the one with lemon. It is perceived as a classic tea with citrus and is a modern kind of tea. The traditions of tea drinking with citruses are not at all related to putting in the cup of tea pieces of oranges, lemons or grapefruits. Traditionally, tea with citrus was prepared in the East. They used for this purpose not pieces of fruit, but juice. As a rule, such tea was served cold.

The sweet and delectable aroma of orange oil has long been used for treatment. Research conducted by modern scientists have shown that the essential oil of orange peel has the following properties:

  • toning,
  • antiseptic,
  • soothing,
  • immunostimulating,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • regenerating.

Black tea “Blood Orange” contains the following ingredients: black tea, orange peels, orange flowers, freeze-dried orange pieces.

Useful properties of black tea Blood Orange

You probably are not aware of all the beneficial properties of tea with orange. Tea with orange is an excellent prevention of colds and infectious diseases and flu. Among other things, the drink is very relevant in winter, that is, at a time when, due to lack of light, there is not only an acute respiratory disease but also a depression is an often a state of many people. Therefore, from the point of view of color therapy, a bright, positive orange shade warms the soul, tones up the body and pleases the eye.

In addition, tea with orange:

  • helps to fight the aging of the body;
  • increases immunity;
  • raises the mood, as it is an excellent antidepressant;
  • fights carious bacteria;
  • rejuvenates the body;
  • is the source of vitamin C;
  • helps the body get rid of excess calories.

So this tea will be a perfect gift for you and your loved ones. If you like cherries more than citrus, then you should try a black tea with cherries.