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Black Earl Grey tea

Black Earl Grey tea is considered one of the most famous flavored teas. Classic Earl Gray – black with bergamot. The history of the origin of this tea is very interesting. It tells that in 1838 the merchants transported various goods for trade, including luggage with black tea, and also bought bergamot oil in one of the ports.

The ship got into a heavy storm and bottles of bergamot oil simply broke and “spoiled” all the luggage of tea. At that time, tea was a rather expensive product, as well as bergamot oil. So the merchants decided to sell the tea nevertheless, so as not to suffer losses.

They absolutely did not expect that ordinary consumers will like a taste of tea with bergamot flavor. Since then, Count Charles Gray, who owned the ship with the cargo, was engaged in the delivery of tea products. So, a simple storm gave the world a wonderful and fragrant drink. Organic Earl Gray tea is an exceptionally black tea with bergamot. A little later, Earl Gray came out with bergamot and lemon. And now you yourself can feel the flavor of history and the time when every tea transportation was a great adventure.

Instructions for preparing Earl Gray Prime Black tea:

We recommend using 1 teaspoon of tea per 200 milliliters (80 oz) of hot water. The water should be freshly boiled and hot. Keep the tea leaves in the steeping reservoir for 5-10 minutes.

The black Earl Grey tea is 100% natural and free of any artificial or modified additions. This organic tea suit vegans in their diet.

The drink has a great taste and aroma, high quality, but quite an affordable price.

By the way, black tea with bergamot is one of the most beloved blends of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. The tea is a frequent guest of the afternoon tea drinking of the British royal family. Traditional afternoon tea is a great occasion to serve Graf Gray with biscuits, skins with cream and jam and other snacks.

And what could be better than to enjoy a perfect tea in a swinging chair?