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Big Boys’ Batman Velvet Fleece bathrobe

Some parents face a problem when their kids do not want to take a bath to stay clean and smell nice. It takes a lot of efforts and nerves to bring them to the bathroom. However, if you had some incentive that will make their stay in the bathroom an exciting adventure, it might change everything! Give such Batman bathrobe to your child to motivate him to go to the bathroom more often. It will be like a heroic adventure of Batman. So each time after bath your son will feel great.

Key features of the Batman bathrobe

А comfortable and warm Batman bathrobe with logo application on the chest, back, pockets and belt will be a perfect gift your young superheroes.

After a shower or a bath, only a bathrobe can keep the warmth given by a pleasant water procedure. So if you leave in Nothern states with colder winters, this bathrobe will be a perfect outfit that will provide warmth and protect from catching a cold.

The bathrobe is made of a 100% polyester. This makes it perfectly machine washable at 30 °C with a delicate spin option. IN order to avoid harming the color please avoid bleaching the bathrobe! We recommend washing it separately from colored things. It will feel nice to the skin of your kid. For this make sure to wash the bathrobe before the first usage.

The cloth of this superhero bathrobe is a velvet fleece. It is very easy to care about. The bathrobe does not require ironing.

Just in case you are wondering, this product is officially DC Comics licensed. So the designers made sure that your kid gets the authentic experience wearing the bathrobe.

The sizes of the bathrobe are the following: xs = 4/5, Small = 6/7, Med=8, Large=10/12.

Let your kid feel a real superpower in this perfectly comfortable and fun Batman bathrobe!