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Beverage Cooler

Imagine, how great to relax with a cup of the favorite beverage after a hard working week. Or how nice to take a can of cold drink during the warm holiday. However, a long wait until your beer or lemonade will become the right temperature can spoil the pleasure of the rest. Be sure you do not have the situation like that if you have a Beverage Cooler by manufacturer hOmeLabs. This mini fridge is a perfect idea both for indoor and outdoor usage. So, purchase for yourself, or give it to close to your party lover or present to grill-weekends adept.

Let the party begins and goes on with the pleasant cold drinks! Keep all beverages coolest via the Beverage Cooler by hOmeLabs. Due to the clear glass door, you can view all collection of beverages. The design with elegant black, sleek surface looks really great. The blue light-emitting diode light helps to choose the suitable drink even at night. The interior with three adjustable and detachable shelves holds several sodas, bottles with water, cans with beer, or up to sixty bottles with wine.

Key features of Beverage Cooler by hOmeLabs

Big capacity, flexible space

If you are in hunt of gift for party enthusiast, football fan or just relaxing lover, we have already found something interesting for him. The Mini Cooler by hOmeLabs is able to keep drinks in the area both cold and super humidity. The uniform temperature and air movement are achieved via a fan on the top level of the box. Inside this cooler, there is plenty of space of all favorite drinks. Thanks to the large capacity it holds one hundred and twenty cans of soda or sixty bottles of wine. Moreover, the customer can customize the space by himself due to the removable shelves.

Interior light, quite work

The cooler for drinks by hOmeLabs will be a fabulous addition to different interior styles and living spaces. Unlike the common mini fridges for beverages, the Beverage Cooler runs incredibly quietly and illuminates the cans and bottles via a soft, blue light-emitting diode. The energy efficient, modern compressor offers a whisper quiet even when it runs with the air fan. The gadget is produced of high-quality materials. Thanks to that it keeps an elegant appearance for years.

Foolproof temperature control

The Mini Fridge Beverage Cooler is featured with easy-to-follow temperature settings that can be customized down to 33°F. The modern design with the digital screen makes the control process comfortable and clear. Even the power will outage, the cooler automatically returns the settings to preset the temperature.

Suitable for various area

Fill all rack of the mini fridge for beverages with cans with favorite brew or bottles with the best wine. The internal size of 16 inches (Width) x 29 inches (Height) x 12 inches (Depth) helps to keep the cold temperature for all your drinks. So, be sure to store them completely stocked during the entire day. Thanks to the outside size of 18.87 (Width) x 33.25 (Height) x 17.30 inches (Depth), the Beverage Cooler is suitable for different rooms.

Excellent idea for party lovers

Became the best celebration maker for your friends via refreshing drinks. The cooler for beverages by manufacturer hOmeLabs is the excellent “party guest” idea to any occasion. This mini fridge quickly cools beverages and keeps them cold for a long time. So, the celebration with cold beer, cocktails or wine never has to end.