Best Gifts for Teen Boys

Best Gifts for Teen Boys

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How hard can it be to choose the right present? All you have to do is to choose one of a million things within your price range and call it a day, right? Well, not really. Choosing the right present is a kind of art. Especially if you have to choose gifts for teen boys.

Unless you have never ever given anyone any presents and have no idea how it works, you probably know the main rules. Give them something they’ll like and appreciate. Something that’s useful. Something that’s personal. And that’s all well and good and perfectly understandable, but how can you make sure that they will be impressed by your gift?

Let’s face it; it’s not about modern teenagers being so choosy and demanding and generally hard to please. It’s more about us – the adults who refuse to see they are not little kids anymore. Yes, it may seem to you it was only yesterday that your little boy was more than happy to play with his toy cars. And yes, it may be hard to reconcile yourself with the fact that your child has grown, changed and doesn’t see himself as a kid anymore. However, turning a blind eye to this simple truth will only make things worse. So accept the fact that his priorities and likes have changed, and choose the present that will make you both happy.

Choosing gifts for teen boys: do’s and don’ts


  • think of him as a child. Yes, he is still your little boy, but you can seriously offend him by reminding him of that over and over again. He wants to be a grown, independent man, so you’ll have to respect it.
  • buy something that fits your own idea of “cool” and “interesting”. Chances are, your teenage boy’s interests are quite different from yours, so keep that in mind.
  • buy presents for future use. Teenagers live in the here and now, they don’t tend to think a lot about the future. So if you buy something they can use or wear some time in the future, he may see it as something completely useless.
  • buy any expensive presents just because they are expensive. It’s true that teenagers like expensive gifts (who doesn’t?), but even the most expensive one won’t be appreciated if it has zero connection to his lifestyle, values, and interests.
  • buy a gift in haste. More often than not, when we do something in haste we fail to do it right. The same concerns choosing the right present. The less time you’ve got, the less you are willing to think it through.


  • get a present that suits his age – no more, no less. This means that you’ll have to forget about stuffed toys, toy cars and those cute t-shirts with kiddie cartoon characters. This being said, there’s no need to go to extremes and get him something too mature for his age.
  • learn more about his interests and hobbies and get him something that’s related to them. Here’s a little tip: chances are, the teenage boy likes being creative in this way or another. Find out what that is and look for an appropriate gift based on what you’ve learned.
  • get him something he can use on a daily basis. Think of a gift that will last, that will be just as useful in a month, a year or two years as it is today.
  • buy him something he will genuinely love, no matter how much it costs. It may be a new expensive gadget or something that costs nothing at all but has great emotional value. Just make it personal.
  • think of gifts for those teen boys in your life well ahead of time. Do some research if you need to, learn more about his tastes and dreams. It will definitely pay off when you see that expression of genuine delight on his face!

However, if you are not looking for easy solutions, no matter how practical, we have a few suggestions for you. Far from being a comprehensive list of every gift a teenage boy may ever want, it’s still quite indicative of what teen boys would be happy to get as a present. So read on for boys gift ideas!

Best gifts for teen boys in 2019

1. The Manual to Manhood

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We all know that adolescence is a difficult period. That time when teens have to face more challenges, doubts, insecurities and difficult decisions than ever before. There is a lot to learn, there are many paths to choose from and lots of obstacles to overcome. Sometimes it can be mind-boggling. So it’s no surprise that many teenagers find it hard to navigate through life. This amazing guide has answers to any questions a teenage boy might have. How to talk to girls? How to learn important social skills? What’s the way to get your first job ever and be good at it? How to take care of your looks and hygiene? Most importantly, how to become more independent and successful? The author of the book answers all of these questions and many others in an easy to follow, engaging way.

2. Marvel Encyclopedia

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Marvel comics are extremely popular, much thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chances are, you won’t find a teenage boy who’s unfamiliar with Marvel comics characters and you’ll find very few who don’t like them. Unsurprisingly, a lot of teen boys consider themselves Marvel comics fans. This amazing new edition of colorful Marvel encyclopedia is for them. One of the greatest gifts for teens out there, it will provide all facts and reveal amazing secrets about Marvel’s most popular and less known characters.

3. LBLA FPV Drone with WiFi Camera

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If there’s a gadget any teenage boy wants to get, it’s a drone. But this LBLA quadcopter is more than just a drone! It comes with an HD camera capable of taking high-resolution photos and video. Even more, you can do real-time photo and video streaming thanks to the in-built WiFi. How cool is that? This is a hands-down best gift for boys who love them some aerial drone fun. Besides, it’s easy to handle and perfect for beginners.

4. Fire HD 10 Tablet

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How many times have you heard your teenage boy ask you to get him an iPad? Probably more than you can count. While iPads are nice and fancy, they are quite pricey too, so not every parent would consider them as an appropriate option when it comes to gifts for teen boys. This is where a Fire HD tablet can help you out. Efficient and affordable, it boasts a number of features any state-of-the-art tablet should have. Full HD screen, high capacity battery, quality audio, and considerable memory storage are just a few of them. Besides, it offers an Alexa map for you to enjoy the hands-free mode. Undoubtedly, one of the most sought after and affordable gifts for teenage guys on the market.

5. GTRACING Audio Gaming Chair

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If you are looking for presents for boys who enjoy gaming, here is something they will definitely appreciate. This amazing chair was created especially for enhancing the gaming experience in every way possible. Its ergonomic design, extra strong durable frame and incredibly comfy padding will ensure many hours of comfortable gaming without any harm for the teen boy’s health. Even more, this chair comes with an in-built audio system with speakers! It can be easily connected to any device with Bluetooth so he could listen to music while sitting in his chair.

6. Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Starter Set

Best Deal

Dungeons and Dragons (or, as most people know it, D&D) is a game system that’s been incredibly popular for decades now. Several generations grew up playing it and enjoying it immensely, and it’s still widely popular both among adults and younger audiences. Unsurprisingly, D&D manuals and tutorials have been considered as quite good gifts for teen boys for years now. So if tabletop games are something your teenage boy is interested in, this D&D starter set will delight him to no limit. It’s perfect for those who only start to acquaint themselves with D&D, thanks to engaging, easy to follow text-based content. The D&D starter kit contains everything a beginner player may need. 42 dice with flannel dice pouches, colorful rulebook and campaign book, several pre-generated characters and much more!

7. Street Surf Skateboard

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Are you looking for gifts for teen boys that involve spending more time outdoors? If skateboarding is what that teenage boy is into, then you should definitely consider giving him this amazing street surf skateboard. While being very much similar to lots of regular longboards and skateboards out there, this street surf skateboards has a number of special features. These features allow you to experience the distinct sensation of rising a wave while you are skating along the city streets. Made of premium Canadian maple and high-quality durable truck system, it will sure make that teenage skateboarding fan’s day!

8. Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle

Best Deal

Fortnite has been quite the talk of the town of late. The video game is insanely popular and grown people and kids alike enjoy it like nothing else. Of course, teenagers are no exception. If there has ever been a perfect combination of a game console and a video game, here it is. This Xbox One Fortnite bundle has everything your teenage gamer can dream of. Fortnite Battle Royal game, Eon cosmetics set and as much as 2000 V-bucks for this game account! Let him have the best experience in his favorite game on one of the best gaming consoles on the market.

9. Sumen Hoodie

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High-quality, comfortable and trendy casual wear is something that any teenage boy can appreciate. Hoodies are the best example of that kind of clothing, especially one like this awesome hooded sweatshirt by Sumen. Made of premium quality cotton, soft and nice to the touch, incredibly comfortable to wear, it will certainly make one of the best gifts for teen boys. Besides, it comes with an awesome print, with different color options available.

10. YOREPEK Multipurpose Backpack

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Does that teenage boy enjoy traveling or just needs a good bag to use for all of his activities, including school? Here’s something he might really like: a super capacious, durable, water-resistant, multi-purpose backpack that has a built-in USB charger! It does seem like YOREPEK designed it especially for the purpose of accommodating everything, catering to a teenager’s many needs and being extremely durable on top of all that. Need to carry your 17” laptop with you? Check. Would like to charge your phone on the go? Check. Want to listen to music using your headphones? Check. Need a lot of space for all the things you need during a day? Check! Undoubtedly, an item worthy of being listed as one of the greatest gifts for teen boys.

11. The Art of Shaving Starter Kit

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Teen years is when boys start growing that stubble on their chin and think about starting to shave on a regular basis as all grown men do. So helping them out (and at the same time emphasizing you acknowledge they are all grown and independent) might be a really good idea. This Art of Shaving gift set is a great way to do that. Only high-quality eco-friendly ingredients for the best shaving experience. The set includes pre-shaving oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm, and a shaving brush. So if you are looking for some thoughtful gifts for teen boys, it’s definitely one of them.

12. RDX Kickboxing Set

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If your teenage boy is really into combat sports and martial arts, there are few things that will delight him more than this amazing kickboxing set. Designed especially for junior combat sports fans, this set contains a punching bag and boxing gloves. RDX have designed every item in this set with great attention to details. Hand-stitched highly durable material that allows for perfect ventilation and moisture control adds to high-adrenaline boxing/kickboxing experience.

So there are some suggestions about gifts for teen boys you might find helpful. However, suggestions or not, sometimes choosing a present that would be really meaningful to one particular teenage boy may not be an easy task. It may take some time, preparation and research – in case you really want to put a big smile on his face, of course. Don’t get frustrated in advance, though; there are a few tips we have that will help you learn what that teenage boy in question really likes!

How to find out what they like: useful tips to buy great gifts for teen boys

1. Remember yourself as a teenager.

We’ve all been teenagers at some point. So why don’t you try to remember what you were like as a teen and what you liked? What would really make your heart beat faster as a teenager? Sometimes that might really help in your search for the gift ideas for teen boys.

2. Look at their social media profiles.

The great majority of teenagers (if not all of them) have accounts in all kinds of social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to name a few. More often than not, it’s a great way to learn more about his life, hobbies, interests, and aspirations.

3. Ask his parents (or other family members).

In case you are not one of his parents, go talk to his mom and/or dad. Most likely, they have some ideas on what their kid would like to get most of all. If there are other family members this particular teenage boy is especially close with, talk to them too. In most cases, their advice will be extremely helpful.

4. Ask him.

There is nothing wrong with being straightforward and not beating around the bush. Go on and ask him about some things he would like to have as a gift. Ask him about a few options and then choose between them based on how money you want to spend and your common sense.

This all being said, there are even easier ways to make that teenage boy happy. For example, you could take the path of least resistance and give him a gift certificate or just give him money. Apart from giving him a very practical gift, you’ll let him know that you trust his judgment and let him make an independent choice. Undoubtedly, he will appreciate the gesture.
We do hope that our tips and suggestions on gifts for teen boys helped you to choose the right gift for that teenage boy in your life. But no matter what kind of gift you decide to choose, make sure it’s really meaningful and thoughtful. If he can use it in his everyday life, if he genuinely likes it, you’ve hit a spot. But most importantly, you’ve shown that you truly care.

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