Best Gifts for “Rick and Morty” Fans

Best Gifts for “Rick and Morty” Fans

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“Rick and Morty” is a popular animated series for adults. However, there are many teenagers who also adore this TV series. And it stands to mention that watching it really brings a lot of fun. “Rick and Morty” is full of grim humor and satire. In addition, each character has a unique temper and outlook on life. Furthermore, it’s even possible to learn some life lessons while watching this awesome TV series.

That’s why it’s not a wonder that it became so popular and now there are thousands of fans. And what can be better than getting a gift related to your favorite movie or a cartoon? Probably, it’s really difficult to answer. Due to the list below you’ll be able to amaze any “Rick and Morty” fan and surprise them with a wonderful gift on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day or any other holiday. Each present can please any woman or man, adult or teenager, so you can definitely find something for your family members, friends or coworkers.

Amazing Gifts for “Rick and Morty” Fans

In the list below you can find presents that can become a great complement to any interior. Besides, some of them can expand the knowledge of “Rick and Morty” universe or just bring a lot of positive emotions. In addition, each gift is made of top-quality materials and is absolutely safe for health.

1. Funko Pop Jerry Collectible Figure

Funko Pop Jerry Collectible Figure

Probably, nowadays almost anyone knows about the famous Funko company. It produces amazing figures of characters from different games, movies, and cartoons. Funko’s toys are known for their high quality and unique style. And, of course, this figure isn’t an exception.

There are no doubts that every “Rick and Morty” fan knows Jerry, Morty’s father. And now it’s possible to get his figure made by Funko. The toy looks awesome and includes so many different details. Jerry is wearing his green shirt and blue jeans. Also, he is holding a strange mechanism in his hands. Besides, the figure has so inimitable design. And, of course, it may become a great present for people who adore and collect Funko Pop toys.

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2. Funko Pop Morty Action Figure

Funko Pop Morty Action Figure

It’s impossible to imagine a collection of “Rick and Morty” toys without a figure of Morty. He’s one of the main characters and there are no doubts that such a present will satisfy any fan of this popular animated series. The figure is 3 ¾ inches tall and goes with Funko’s special box that can be used to keep the figure in safe. The toy looks just great and due to its unique design, it’ll certainly amaze anyone who adores the “Rick and Morty” TV series.

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3. Funko Pop Rick Action Figure

Funko Pop Rick Action Figure

There are no doubts that Rick is the most popular character of the “Rick and Morty” series. And it’s no wonder that Funko produced a figure that looks exactly like this genius. Just look at this awesome toy, it’s certainly a must-have item for every “Rick and Morty” fan. In addition, this figure may become a great complement to the collection of Funko Pop figures.

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4. Funko Pop Pickle Rick Action Figure

Funko Pop Pickle Rick Action Figure

It’s a really big trouble when a person turns into a cucumber. And that’s just what has happened with Rick one day. And right now you have a chance to buy this awesome 3.75 inches figure that looks just like a Pickle Rick from the series. It’s produced by a famous Funko company, so you can be sure that it’s made only of high-quality materials. Besides, it’s extremely durable and has a unique design. There can be no doubt that this is a perfect gift idea for “Rick and Morty” fans.

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5. Funko Pop Mr. Meeseeks Vinyl Figure

Funko Pop Mr. Meeseeks Vinyl Figure

Do you remember Mr. Meeseeks from a “Rick and Morty” series? This funny blue creature and his friends can help you almost with any problem. However, sometimes things may go wrong. Fortunately, this funny figure won’t cause you any damage. What is more, it’ll certainly bring joy to your friends or relatives. The toy looks just perfect and may become an ideal birthday present for anyone who adores the adventures of Rick and Morty.

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6. Rick & Morty Coffee Mug

Rick & Morty Coffee Mug

It’s so great to wake up in the morning and enjoy a cup of your favorite tea or coffee. And any “Rick and Morty” fan may get even more pleasure from such morning ritual with this wonderful officially licensed coffee mug. It’s made of transparent glass and is designed with amazing print. You can be sure that this mug will bring tons of positive emotions to its lucky owner. However, take into account that it’s not recommended to put it in microwave own.

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7. Funko Pop Pickle Rick Keychain

Funko Pop Pickle Rick Keychain

Of course, it’s great to have a toy produced by Funko but, probably, you won’t able to take it wherever you go. However, things are different with this keychain. It looks just like Funko Pop toys but is only 1,5 inches tall, so it’s possible to keep this figure in a pocket. Now, you or your friends shouldn’t worry about the keys, because they will be protected by this mini Pickle Rick.

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8. Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons

Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons

Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Zub manage to unite “Rick and Morty” universe with popular “Dungeons & Dragons” game. Did you know that Rick is a true veteran of this game? You’ll find out tons of amazing facts while reading this awesome comic book. Also, you or your friends will enjoy not only the absorbing tale but also beautiful illustrations drawn by famous Troy Little.

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9. The Art of Rick and Morty

The Art of Rick and Morty

It’s always interesting to get acquainted with the creation of this or that cartoon. And due to this book, any “Rick and Morty” fan has such an opportunity. It includes wonderful pictures and comments that describe the creation of the characters of this popular animated series. Be sure that this book will be useful not only for the people who adore this cartoon but also for fans of animation and drawing.

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10. The World According to Rick

The World According to Rick

Rick is a real genius and, probably, anyone wants to see the world with his eyes. And if you are such a person, this book is just what you need. It’s full of Rick’s wisdom and outlook on life. The readers will find not only amazing illustrations but also famous quotes, monologues, and sayings. It’s no-brainer that any “Rick and Morty” fan should have this book in their collection.

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“Rick and Morty” series is undoubtedly a real cultural phenomenon. People adore its characters and many fans dream to learn more about this awesome cartoon. You can be sure that each of the gifts from the list can surprise to the upside any fan of this popular animated series.

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