Best Gifts for College Guys in 2019

Best Gifts for College Guys in 2019

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The studentship is an amazing period of life for every young man. It’s a time when guys start living their own life, they start working and face different daily problems. Furthermore, many students spend their college years living in a dorm. There they can make new friends and learn the basics of social life. And of course, sometimes college life may be so difficult and can really challenge everyone. However, students often help each other to cope with this or that problem.

Also, when boyfriend enters college, his girlfriend may present him with a gift. It’s a great way to give your soulmate the thing, which will remember him about your love during studying. And of course, parents should pronounce their blessing before their son will start the adult life. At the same time, they can give him a gift, which will help him to overcome all the challenges of college life.

Besides, everybody knows about fraternity parties. Young people don’t have just a pleasant time there, but also present each other with different presents. And it goes without saying that if you have a friend, who studies in the college, you can present him with a gift as well. You can do it at his birthday party or on the Students’ day. Additionally, many students present their friends after the holidays, when everybody returns to college. However, if you want to move your friend, you shouldn’t wait for some special occasion. Remember, that unexpected presents can bring him a storm of positive feelings.

The Most Useful Gifts for College Guys

1. Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Many boys try to combine their studying in college with athletics. And of course, everyone should drink enough water while going in for sport to prevent their body from the dehydration.

Fortunately, Savvy Infusion Company managed to create amazing water bottle. It allows drinking water infusing it with the flavour of your favourite fruits, spices and herbs.

The bottle is made of reliable and high-quality materials. Furthermore, it is very easy to clean and absolutely dishwasher-safe. Also, it is designed with a special-handled cap, which guarantees 100% protection from leaks. It means that it is perfect not only for the guys who like sport but also for the ones, who adore travelling and hiking.

Reusable Savvy Infusion bottle is a great alternative to different energy drinks and soda. You will be able to create your own amazing beverage. Furthermore, the water bottle has an awesome design, which underlines its owner’s interest in the active way of life.

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2. The Starving Students’ Cookbook

The Starving Students’ Cookbook

Sometimes life on campus may taste your will to live. That’s why every student should know how to repair different things, earn money and, of course, cook something eatable. The good news is that this wonderful cookbook will provide your friend with all the necessary recipes and tips, which will help him to create real tongue breakers.

The book also includes detailed illustrations and useful information about nutrition. Furthermore, there are many recipes of vegetarian dishes. The Starving Student’s cookbook will prove everyone that a microwave can be used not only for reheating the leftovers. There are no doubts, that this book is one of the best college gifts for guys.

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3. Rapid Ramen Cooker

Rapid Ramen Cooker

Time from time every college guy may face with the lack of time. In this situation, it will be a wise decision to buy this cooker. You can use it to microwave your tasty ramen just in 3 minutes. The cooker is totally BPA free and is made of high-quality polypropylene. Besides, you are absolutely free to use your dishwasher to clean it. In addition, you can even choose the colour of the cooker.

And the pleasant fact is that it doesn’t get too hot when the meal is done. That’s why you will be able to enjoy your favourite dish without a fear to scorch your fingers.

This cooker is an irreplaceable item for every student, who lives in a dorm. It allows saving a lot of time, which your friend will be able to spend preparing to his classes.

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4. Getting the Best Out of College

Getting the Best Out of College

If one of your friends is just going to enter college, this book is what he needs. It includes information, which will help every student to get out all benefits of their college. No doubts, this is a must-read book for every undergraduate.

Your friend will find useful tips, which will help him to impress his professors, get on track with roommates, etc. Also, the book includes the feedback from the students, who have already tried out the tips from this awesome guidebook. There is no question that this book should be among the best college gifts for guys.

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5. Healthy CollegeBox

Healthy CollegeBox

Often students may experience stress, especially during their examination period.  That’s why they need a lot of vitamins and energy. Fortunately, this HelathyBox can cope with this task perfectly well. It includes different tasty and healthy bars, snacks and veggie straws made of 100% natural ingredients.

Healthy CollegeBox is a great opportunity to boost a student’s activity. Furthermore, it will support the immune system during the spring semester. And of course, the snacks are the sure-fire way to cheer up your friend or son during the days of difficult studying.

You can choose between 3 boxes of different sizes and the smallest one includes 30 snacks. Additionally, you will get a free gift packaging as a pleasant bonus. Also, you will be able to add the gift message to your present.

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6. Lightning Reaction

Lightning Reaction

Life in a dorm can be very boring. That’s why students often buy different games to have fun together with their roommates and friends. And if you want to amaze the fan of unique and exciting games, you certainly should check this amazing Lightning Reaction for 2-4 players.

The rules are as easy as ABC. The players have to hold their handles while someone presses the button at the centre. It will activate the flashing red light and alarming music. As soon as the light turns green, all players have to press the buttons on their handles. The last person to do it gets shocked. Furthermore, there is an extreme mode. If you choose it, only the fastest player will stand safe and secure from electricity. Besides, the players will be able to choose one of 4 levels of electric intensity.

This game is a great chance to taste your reaction. Furthermore, it will bring a lot of fun and happiness for everyone. It’s no brainer that such an amazing game is a great gift for a college-age boy.

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7. LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp

Selforganization is very important for every student. Without it, no one can reach high results in studying and life may turn into real chaos. Fortunately, desk lamp GT-401 produced by Gerintech Company can help everyone to cope with the lack of organization.

This amazing device includes many different useful functions. First of all, you can use it to store all your pencils and pens. Now you will always be able to write down the important information without long searching for the pen. In addition, you can use this lamp as an alarm clock, calendar and even a charger for your mobile phone.

Furthermore, this lamp will provide you with an eye-friendly light, which is perfect for reading books or writing something. You will be able to choose 1 of 3 brightness modes. Besides, Gerintech Company provides you with a year warranty, which is great evidence of the reliability of GT-401.

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8. Adulting Shirt

Adulting Shirt

If you want to present your friend with a funny and unique gift, then you have to buy this awesome adulting shirt. It is a great present idea and, no doubts, every college guy will like it.

The shirt is made of high-quality cotton and is absolutely machine washable. Additionally, you can choose your friend’s favourite colour and make sure that it will fit him perfectly. Besides, the shirt has double-needle sleeves and bottom hem, which means that your friend will be able to wear it every day without a fear to tear it up accidentally.

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9. “Seuss-isms!”


No doubts, if the book includes different tips and pieces of advice, it is a perfect gift for everyone. Fortunately, “Seuss-isms!” is one of such useful books.

Many life subjects are discussed within its covers. The readers will find the quotes from such popular books of Dr. Seuss as “Green Eggs and Ham”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” etc. And all of them are full of wisdom, which will be useful for everyone, especially for undergraduates, who have just started their own adult life.

The films based on Dr. Seuss’ stories have won many popular awards, including Grammies and even Oscars. Besides, “Seuss-imsms!” is full of colourful illustrations, which can cheer up every student during a hard time. It’s obvious, that such great book is one of the most awesome gifts for college boys.

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10. Wake-Up Light

Wake-Up Light

Usually, students have so many things to do, that it is necessary for them to wake up early in the morning. However, sometimes it turns into the impossible mission and they may miss their classes or other important events. And now this problem will be solved with the help of Philips wake-up light.

It will provide you with a pleasant light, which will help to start your morning. You will be able to choose 1 of 20 different brightness modes. Besides, the users can select 1 of 5 nature-inspired sounds, which also guarantee a stress-free start of the day. In addition, the device includes such useful functions as FM radio and tap snooze function.

It was proven by the clinical researches that Philips wake-up light can help you to be awake full of energy. The device will start working 30 minutes before the chosen wake-up time. After this time every student will be ready to start the day full of productivity.

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11. Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

It’s so pleasant to start a day with a cup of hot and tasty coffee. And the coffee maker produced by Keurig Company is a must-have item for every true coffee lover.

You will be able to choose the strength of your favourite drink. Furthermore, you even will get a chance to get a delicious iced coffee. Now, you will be able to enjoy a cup of cold coffee during the hot summer days.

In addition, the device works with 5 different cups sizes and it will take less than a minute before you will get your coffee brewed.

Also, you will get a box of 44 K-Cup pods produced by Laughing Man. The coffee has the smoky and sweet taste. And every coffee lover will see the true value of this product.

This coffee maker is a perfect gift for every college guy because it will help him to cope with morningness. And the box of K-Cup pods will become a pleasant bonus for him.

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12. Travel Mug

Travel Mug

It’s well-known fact that students adore travelling. They want to see as many as possible sights and visit a lot of countries. And if your friend also likes travelling, this Contigo travel mug is what he needs.

The thermalock vacuum insulation will keep the drinks hot up to 5 hours and cold up to 12. Besides, autoseal technology will prevent leaks and spoils. All these things make this mug an irreplaceable item for travelling. Furthermore, it is one of the best gifts for college guys, who lead an active lifestyle.

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No doubt, studentship is a great period of life. It’s time when a person learns many new things and gets the necessary life experience. And of course, the presents from the list will not just please your college friends, but also will come in handy during the difficult, but so exciting years of studying.

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