Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Smart Pendant Tracker is a unique gadget that will be interesting first of all for women due to its design and features. The gadget helps to normalize activity and sleep, to keep the balance of body and spirit in the rush of the modern world. The unique tracker design emphasizes your individuality, and advanced technologies monitor your activity indicators.

Design of Bellabeat Leaf Urban

The tracker has the form of a leaf. It is not miniature in size and looks like a solid decoration. Unlike other trackers, which all has a sporty style, this gadget looks stylish and elegant. The tracker is made of wood composite and hypoallergenic stainless steel. The device consists of a wooden base in which a battery and an activity tracker are hidden and a metal clip in the form of a sheet. Thanks to this design, you can wear a gadget like a brooch, pendant, bracelet.

How does it work?

The decoration tracker Bellabeat Leaf Urban should always be worn so that the wooden base fits your body. If you wear the gadget as a brooch, then fasten it with a clip-sheet on your clothes. Thread the chain through the eyelet and wear the device like a pendant. To create a bracelet, simply fasten the strap. It is important to note that the gadget works as an activity tracker only in the position of a brooch. If you wear it like a pendant or a bracelet it activates other parameters. The downside is that in some regimes the Bellabeat Leaf Urban does not monitor parameters of heart rate and burning calories.

There is no screen on the Bellabeat Leaf Urban, so to determine your indicators, you need to download the Bellabeat application on your smartphone. The device activates automatically when you wear it and run the application. In the app on the home page, you will see 4 parameters that Bellabeat Leaf Urban controls are: your activity, sleep, meditation. Going into each parameter separately, you can get the information that the device reads continuously throughout the day (including your sleep).

The device stores data for a period of 14 days. So you can observe the change of indicators in dynamics and watch the history of your activity. The developers are confident that meditation is necessary for the health of the body, so they made this feature. The device keeps track of the time spent on this exercise.

Unique functions for women

The Bellabeat Leaf Urban has the calendar of the menstrual cycle. The tracker reads the days of the beginning and end of the cycle, counts ovulation. Women will appreciate it. Sound and vibration alerts will remind you that it is time to exercise or meditate.

We would like to highlight that Bellabeat Leaf does not require charging. You can use the device for 24 hours a day for about 6 months and then the battery requires replacement.

The package with the pendant includes Gray or Rose Gold clip, Active Bracelet, Necklace | Rose Gold, Battery Replacement Tool.

The Bellabeat Leaf Urban is water resistant, so you can wear it in the bathroom, while swimming or under the rain.

Any woman whom you decide to gift this pendant will be delighted. It is both a jewelry and a health tracker. It tracks your steps, moving distance, calories, sleep patterns, reproductive health, menstrual cycle and stress which is essential for women. This will be a perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday, St. Valentine or anniversary.