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BEEWARE Targets for Shooting

If you ever had experience of targets shooting then you might know that feeling when you do not know whether you hit the target until you come really close. The magnifying glass does not help in this task because holes are so tiny and the target material is usually soft so that it is not clear where are the holes. It seems that Beeware targets are the response to anyone who is tired of looking for the solution.

Beeware targets for shooting are made with quality fluorescent inks & strong paper sheets. Easy to see your results because of a bright target and shots that explode in yellow color.

You can use any gun: air rifles, airsoft, pistols, rifles, shotguns etc. Targets are great for shooting indoors and outdoors and on a different range.

Multifunctional innovative Beeware targets

These are super targets for various goals: self-defense practice, competitions, and training. Targets can be used both for special training (military, police) and for a vacation or sports. If you know anyone who likes to shoot this will be a perfect gift for them. These targets will bring shooting to another level. Now target shooting will become great fun for anyone. You will see instant results of your shooting and you can not even imagine how exciting it is. Take your wife, mom and grandmom to the shooting stand with Beeware targets and they will laugh with delight!

The producer of Beeware targets claims usage of unique technologies in ink formulas and paper production. This allows creating the highest quality and most visibly reactive shooting target on the market.

The company is so sure in quality of their product that they guarantee moneyback to anyone who is not satisfied by the usage of the targets.

Enjoy shooting and get more shots with these tactical Beeware targets including head and torso rings!