Bears vs Babies Card Game

What do you usually do at those get-togethers with family and/or friends? No doubt, a little wining and dining, chatting and watching movies together is great. But are there no other options? Is there nothing that makes hours spent together fly by while you are having as much fun as humanly possible? Thankfully, there is – and this hilariously funny and engrossing card game is one of such options. Say what you will, but it’s hard to find a more fitting gift for holidays.

Why? Because holidays are all about fun and having a great time in a company of family and friends, as well as Bears vs Babies. As long as you can build a team of two players and more (the more the better), you are good to go! Don’t worry; there’s no need to spend a lot of time studying rules, they are very easy to understand and memorize. So all you need is cards, a playing mat, some friends and well-placed enthusiasm. You will not regret the time spent playing! Fair warning: this game can sparkle your competitive spirit and make you laugh a lot.

So here’s what this enjoyably ridiculous card game is about:

  1. Build monsters to fight horrible, horrible babies and eat them up! The players who defeat the most babies, win. Yes, it’s this easy: “stitch” hilariously awesome body parts to your monsters to make them stronger, more formidable and… adorable.
  2. Use your ability to strategize, all your cunning and logical thinking and laugh while you are at it. Bears vs Babies is so funny there is no losing in this game, no matter how competitive it gets.
  3. Family-friendly fun for anyone of 10 years old and up. The game cards come with a FAQ card, a colorful play mat, and a rulebook. Even more, all this is packed in the most awesome furry fuzzy box. This is one uniquely looking package for an unusual holiday gift!

So don’t pass the opportunity to put a smile on your friends’ faces by giving them this gift. This way you’ll make sure that whenever you visit them, some fun time in a cheerful company is guaranteed!

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