Beard Ornaments Beardaments

It is time to season up your beard! Christmas and New Year’s party is coming. Have you decided how to amaze a public? Want to be in the spotlight? Beard ornaments Beardaments are here for you! Add a little brightness and some fun to your life by a stylish outstanding look. Decorate a beard like a Christmas tree! Express your creative personality, let yourself stand out! Making somebody smile – isn’t it great idea? And don’t miss a moment to take pictures of reaction of others!
By the way, Beardaments can be a great funny gift for friends or co-workers. Give them a holiday spirit! In addition, this item is relevant for men’s goatee whisker, mustache, and for women as well to wear in the hair. Definitely, a cute stocking stuffer!

Colorful, easy to attach and conveniently wear

Beard Ornaments Beardaments set includes 12 baubles in bright colors: green, red, gold and silver. The baubles are fitted with hanging mini clips to attach to the beard easily. Gentle in the beard without skin squeeze.

A gold tie holds the beard bauble securely to the clip. Little sized, Beard ornaments are very light, thus they don’t weigh your beard down. Also, good quality make them reusable.

Great for various shapes and sizes

Beard ornaments will fit perfectly for all shapes and sizes of the beard: short or long, straight or curly. With help of mini clips these decorations will hold on firmly. No chance to lose them during the party.

How Beardaments started?

It was an idea of bearded guy from Salt Lake City, UT. He was searching for decoration for his beard. As he found out these options are limited, he started his own brand.

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Sense of humor is a key to make our life more enjoyable. Feel free to laugh out loud and share your positive feelings with people around.