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Beard Care Kit

Even strong guys need care. Soft shoulder, close soulmate, good advice, cold beer — all of that can solicitude about mental health. But who takes care of a body? Especially about a shaggy head with a thick beard. We know an answer: the Beard Care Kit by Beard of God! It includes everything a happy beard needs: balm, oil, bar soap, and comb. Be sure to select this set for your boyfriend, husband, father, or grandpa. It will be an excellent gift for Christmas, Birthday, anniversary or any other occasions.

Natural ingredients for healthy skin

Beard Care Kit by Beard of God contains only skin-friendly components. It helps to care of bear with high-performance and gentleness. If your loved husband, dad or boyfriend take part in Beard Movement every year, but you get tired of seeing a shaggy face, there is a solution.

Here you can read about the benefits of the kit:

  • Beard of God Balm prevents hair drying. It also protects hair from brittleness via organic ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut butter, hemp seed oil, yellow beeswax, vitamin E.
  • Conditioner with hemp seed oil keeps skin smooth and moisturized.
  • Bar soap offers gentle, but quality clean.
  • A wooden comb is a perfect object for smooth care of hair without pulling.
  • The formula of Beard Care Kit does not include chemical, additives, parabens or GMOs. Moreover, all products have not been tested on animals.
  • The scent of products is 100% plant-based.

What is inside the sack?

Beard Care Kit by Beard of God is a ready-made gift. Get ready to present it immediately after receiving the purchase. Do not pull off the pleasant of your loved person. The kit is sold with burlap storage. Inside sack, you will find 1 oz bottle with beard oil conditioner, 1 oz container with balm conditioner, 1 oz container with beard bar soap, wooden beard comb.