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Batman Kids Rain Boots

Be careful, all habitats of the city! Even on rainy and damp days, a superhero keeps watching over you. Have no doubt, that sadness would not come to you and your family with nasty weather. Rain boots with children’s favorite character — Batman — keep a smile on faces and save their foot from wet. Batman Kids Rain Boots by Western Chief capture the imagination of kids and introduce it in reality. They will be an adorable present for your son’s or daughter’s birthday, a gift from grandparents for any other celebration. Choose these boots and make your family members happier.

Hero from DC World came to real life! What situation would be better? You can identify him by cape’s rustle and signature logo with a stylized black bat. When your kids wear these boots, they will go to school or for a walk with pleasure. And you will be sure that he or she doesn’t get sick. Pair it with a suitable umbrella and make a perfect look. Nasty weather is not a problem for a good mood.

Quality waterproof material

Batman Kids Rain Boots are made of durable 100% rubber. That is why they are flexible and waterproof. Your kids can wear these boots and play in the garden or in the backyard. Inside there is a soft inner lining, which is made of polyester and cotton blend. This material is non-abrasive and comfortable for long walks. In addition, the inner side of these Western Chief rain boots absorbs moisture. Also, these boots have removable EVA insoles. To hold them down you may use double-sided tape.

Easy to wear and care

Let your children be more independent with Batman Rain Boots for kids. Due to two handles on both sides, this footwear can be put on or off by children without parents’ help. This is one of the best ways to promote independent dressing, isn’t it?

If you want, that rain boots by Western Chief will make your kids happier over a number of years, please, use the damp cloth and mild liquid dish soap for their cleaning. After that leave them for drying.

Non-slip and self-cleaning outsole

Batman Kids Rain Boots by Western Chief will protect your kids from falling. Their slip-resistant outsole protects from sliding, when children play, run and walk. In addition, the outsole is self-cleaning so there is no need to wash a stuck mud.