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Batman Character Umbrella

Keep a smile on your face and save clothes dry on every rainy and damp day. The high-quality umbrella with your children’s favorite character can make the mood more pleasant and happier. Nasty weather is not a problem for a walk or going to school. Colorful design with superhero Batman emblem against the night city background will give powers and will rescue from boredom even when the sun is not on the sky. This Batman Character Umbrella by Western Chief will be a perfect present for under-fives and school-aged children.

Family wear since 1891

Western Chief is a company, which makes everyday wear since 1891. At the onset, it began producing boots in Seattle for against tough weather during the Alaska Gold Rush. Today, Western Chief provides umbrellas, outdoor footwear, and raincoats for all family members. There are cute rain boots for children, fantastic and comfortable boots for women, reliable footwear for men, water-resistant sandals, etc. Choose one of these quality options for play, gardening, walk through the city streets. Or make happier those whom you love with such a gift.

Favorite character — a huge smile

Nasty weather is not a good enough reason to stay at home. Wear a raincoat, present your child Batman Character Umbrella and go to quest adventures. Complete the fashion with cute rain boots. And look! The superhero is ready to wrestle with people’s bad mood.

Perfect for kids

Batman Character Umbrella by Western Chief is a very simple object, that is why children can use it by themselves, without parents. There is a plastic inner frame and tip, comfortable handle and nylon fabric. A lightweight of the structure and a small size make this umbrella suitable for the kids. It has good coverage and will be perfect for small child’s hands.

Pair the look

Inherit the heroic helm not only on the streets of the city but also at home! Complete Batman look with wearing оn personal Batsuit. Make the character more realistic with special hero shoes.