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Barbie DreamHouse

Barbie DreamHouse is a desired object of most girls. This gift will completely amaze any little Barbie fan. Constant playtime is ensured! Daytime or night, weekday or holiday, home alone or with friends, pool party, slumber party, backyard barbecue, Birthday – there are so many ways for kids to create their own fantasy world by endless Barbie stories to tell.

Two-in-one fun

Dimensions of Barbie DreamHouse: 3 feet high and 4 feet width. Playing area consists of 8 rooms on 3 floors. 360-angle play makes it possible to play together with friends. Assembling the house takes a little time. All parts hold sturdy together, so don’t worry something falls off and makes damage.

Dollhouse offers lots of wonderful details for additional options while playing: a home office, a carport, a pool which can be filled with water, a water-slide, a moving elevator which can fit 4 dolls. There is an opportunity for a young fantasist to exercise his creativity by arranging furniture as he likes. A couch becomes bunk beds; guest bedroom appears by turning a coffee table flips into a bed; a home office transforms from a cozy fireplace area; the back of the fridge serves as an outdoor food holder. Moreover, you can see a barbecue kit and several shelves on one side of the kitchen sink, and a wastebasket and the oven – on another.

DreamHouse includes more than 70 accessories: laptop, TV, kitchen utensils, houseplants. Even pretty puppy lives here! Accessories are movable, thus it is convenient to carry them around the house.

Sounds and lights make the house more real and cause the total immersion into the gaming process. For example, the whistle of a tea kettle, sizzling of a pan on the stove, the light in the oven, ticking of the timer, flushing sound in the toilet.

Flexible components of Barbie DreamHouse provides double fun and inspires endless story making. Every girl will be happy with this!