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Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener

Tired of a pile of unnecessary stuff you friends have given to you as gifts? And don’t want your gifts to have the same life story?  Luckily, we have an idea your practical friends will definitely appreciate. Home goods might be top gifts since they are really useful. The Bamboo charcoal air freshener is a little thing that does make a difference! Perfect for pet lovers, lovers of comfort and order, person who stands for ecological awareness. Appropriate for home and car. Use them in the hall, bedroom, closet, kitchen, bathroom, dresser, at other random spots, in the car, in the garage, or anywhere else you need. Still skeptical? Give them a try! They are doing their job great! Give the odor eliminator as a little gift for your families or friends for huge variety of occasions.

Sustainable benefits of the Bamboo charcoal air freshener

Say goodbye to chemical plug-ins like glade or sprays, which can cause a sickness or an allergic reaction. Fragrance-free and chemical-free air purifying bags are made of activated bamboo charcoal. This 100% natural household essential is totally friendly for people and animals. Moreover, being biodegradable, they don’t make any harm for environment. Be sure that this room deodorizer is a solution for taking care of Mother Earth and your own health.

The greatest part of that, the odor eliminator bags don’t just cover or mask the smell, they absorb it! The anti-bacterial properties are helpful for preventing mold and mildew. Work best with a bit of airflow.

Save more!

Ultimately, you get 5 bags in different sizes. They are reusable, and they can keep their qualities for up to 2 years. How to recharge them? Just put the pack in direct sunlight to make UV rays degrade pollutants absorbed by the charcoal from the air. In a couple of hours the bags get activated again! No need to hundreds of dollars on new deodorizers.