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Bambini Bear Popsicle Molds

Carrot Popsicle Molds is a great gift for parent persons, healthy-eaters, sweets-lovers, and so on! This blend of 4 reusable silicone forms allows preparing healthy alternatives of store-bought ice-cream. It also a great solution to spend quality time together with family while you are creating your own cold desserts.

Advantages of Bambini Bear Popsicle Molds

Kid-friendly design

Enjoy peace of mind by creating your own popsicles and forget about a mess and dripping. Popsicle Molds in the shape of cute carrots makes a great way to grab the attention of your loved kids. It also helps to persuade your demanding little eater to enjoy some vegetables, fruits, or dairy products.

4 portions at once

From now, no need for any tricks – now fruity ice-cream can be enjoyed equally by kids and adults. Unlike classic popsicle forms, Carrot Popsicle Molds easily entertain the little ones. Each mold can prepare 4 long popsicles with a high of 3.5 inches and weight about 3.8 ounces. Thanks to the design with drip-guard lid, these molds will give only pleasant experience without dripping chaos.

Safe materials

Carrot Popsicle Molds by manufacturer Bambini Bear are made of food-grade silicone. Both lid and molds are free from BPA, PVC and other harmful chemicals so you can no worry about prepared ice-cream. The molds materials have complied with FDA standard, meaning the safety for regular usage.

Easy to use

Bambini Bear Carrot Popsicle Molds includes 4 popsicles at the unit base. Unlike the single forms, vertical design avoids the overturns, spills or leaks. Stable mold also helps to fill molds easily, even for children. Just blend your favorite fruits with yogurt, or use the time-tested receipt for ice-cream. After freezing, run the mold under warm water for 15-30 seconds to take out the prepared popsicles.