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Ball LED Lamp

Illumination plays a great role in creating interiors. It would be able to transform the room, territory or another space and to emphasize some advantages or hide weaknesses.
LED lamps are the most modern products. This device will save a lot of energy for you. Ball LED Lamp  is a durable light source that will serve for years.
Ball LED Lamp will be used for lighting: camping, swimming pools, house yards, home lighting, parties, in landscape design.
For example in the landscape design ball lamps can be used as a stylish lamp at grassplat .
Ball LED Lamp is completely sealed (protection IP68.) It is powered by a builtin battery.
There are normal, night and flashing lighting session. Brightness (4.7 “).
Ball LED Lamp supports 26 changing colors. Each lamp is equipped by a remotecontrol panel, so you can choose any color and shade. Also you can set up the automatic mode of transition from one color to another.
Materials: GEECR Cordless contains 6 high intensity LEDs.
Because of the polycarbonate shell Ball LED Lamp will serve longer.

Ball LED Lamp is a beautiful and useful gift  for everyone!