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BAGSMART electronics organizer

Smart gadgets become smarter and more affordable. In the 90s an average business person was satisfied with a simple cell phone and a desktop PC. Today, a standard set includes a laptop, tablet, two smartphones – personal and work, power bank. The necessary extras – chargers, USB cables and headphones. That bunch of cabling has always been responsible for a mess in your drawer or backpack – wherever you put them! Luckily, electronics organizer like BAGSMART has been around to solve the endless problem of tangled cords.


Physical. Dimensions: 24 cm x 16 cm x 6.5 cm – the size of two average books pressed together. Material: rip-stop polyester – durable, water-resistant, strong. As the result, the organizer doesn’t occupy much space in your bag. Besides, it weighs just 293 g and is easily accessible due to the smooth two-way zippers.

Cable organizer section. Designed for smaller stuff like SD and SIM cards, also USB cables, headphones, chargers, and stationeries. Together – 12 elastic loops for all kinds of cords. Separate them by colors or in a ‘work-personal’ way.

Electronics organizer section. This one consists of two compartments. One is a well-padded pocket for tablets (max 10.5”). The other one is a customizable storage for power supplies, computer mouse, camera and small cases.

Simple design. Electronics are not cheap, their main purpose is to store important data. As a result, smartphones and tablets have become extremely valuable to their owners. Due to its simple design Bagsmart organizer looks neat and doesn’t attract any unwanted attention. It keeps everything in place, provides extra safe packing and therefore frees up space in your bag.  The organizer remains small and compact even when full.

Electronics make an important part of the products we use on a daily basis. Bagsmart is a perfect way to store all your favorite stuff.  It will become a must-have companion on a trip, at school, in the office or elsewhere.

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