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Bach Flower Remedy Kit

The healing powers of plants have been known to humankind since times immemorial. Now they actively use these powers along with conventional treatment methods to make them even more efficient. People all over the world often use herbs and herb-based medicines to treat physical ailments. At the same time, they use essential oils and flower essences to improve emotional and mental well-being. So when you give someone a gift like this very special Bach flower remedy kit, you really show your care and understanding. 

Human health – both physical and mental – is a very fragile thing. To stay healthy, we must live in harmony with the world around us. To improve health, we must ask for nature’s help. This is all this complete flower essence kit is about. Use it to complement other conventional and traditional remedies to bring more peace and comfort in your life. It is possible to heal yourself when you are in harmony with nature.

However, this kit is more than just a set of essential oils. It’s a comprehensive guide into the world of flower essences. Even more, full-color materials will allow you to understand how they work better. Of course, this means that you will be able to use them to better effect.

Here is what this amazing bach flower remedy kit offers:

  1. Forty high-quality, all-natural flower essences in a beautiful two-layer case. They are designed specifically for keeping all your essences in one place and finding what you need within seconds.
  2. A box of thirty-eight flower divination cards. Lovely illustrations, quotes, proverbs, fun facts and more!
  3. Thirty-eight beautiful full-color posters for each of the essences. So you can have more information and inspiration for yourself. Hardcover display book included.
  4. Two dropper bottles and leaflets with information on how to use the essences correctly.
  5. Finally, last but not least, a wonderful wooden case for your amazing flower remedy kit. It’s complete with a pretty laser engraving on the lid. Besides, it sports a beautiful vintage lock and easily accommodates the complete kit inside it. Absolutely beautiful, unique and perfect as a gift.

This kit clearly aims not only to improve your well-being but also to educate. Let those dear and significant people in your life know how much you care. Help them open this door into the world of natural remedies.

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