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Baby Portable Changing Pad

There are no things of secondary importance in baby care. Every baby supply makes our daily routine more convenient and easier in some way. Besides, baby is not the reason for parents to spend time at home. Especially, if they are equipped with all essentials needed for outside adventures. We have a great suggestion for you! The Baby portable changing pad is proving to be a perfect companion when you are somewhere with your little one.

On a trip, while visiting family or friends, while shopping in the mall, from now on, changing a baby diaper on the go won’t cause any difficulties. No need to carry a heavy diaper bag on the shoulder, no need to worry your baby touch dirty surface in a public bathroom or restroom.
This changing station by ‘Crystal Baby Smile’ brand is a helpful baby shower gift every mom will appreciate. A newborn deserves the very best!

Diapering on the go is not a drag anymore!

Compact when folded, the diaper clutch turns into maneuvering area measuring about 25 inches long. It is able to fit everything you need for your baby diapering. Storage compartments can hold up to 4 diapers, wipes, baby cream, oil and other small stuff, but still won’t seem too bulky. Inner mesh pockets with Velcro and elastic diaper holder are designed to keep everything neatly at hang. Even twin mamas will love this spacious and well-organized changing pad.

The exterior part of this accessory is polyester, the internal side is waterproof EVA (for quick wiping down if necessary). In addition, the mat is entirely padded with sponge (5 mm thickness). Moreover, it features padded cushion for extra comfort.

The construction allows to detach the changing mat with ease. Adjustable buckle strap provides easy carrying on a wrist or a stroller.