Automatic Pet Feeder with Remote Control

Perfect for busy pet lovers

You have a deadline at work or studies and spend less time at home? Or your lifestyle is very active, and you travel every weekend? Or you hate to get up early? Also, you have little children and busy every minute? And in all of that, you have domestic animals? Oh…all of that it is so hard! But do not worry. There is a real rescue from all your anxiousness about your furry friend’s wellness — Automatic Pet Feeder with Remote Control. With this stuff, you can forget to stress about your dog or cat eating too much or not enough. Choose it for your family favorites or present it to your friends, relatives, colleagues or other close to you pet owners.

The Automatic Pet Feeder will be good for owners with medium and small domestic animals. It is suitable only for dry canine and feline food. Also, it can not handle with big food shape. Only from 0.12-0.59 inches.

Wide-angle webcam with microphone

With Automatic Pet Feeder with Smart Control do not worry about your lovely pets when you are at work or out of home for business. Be sure that they are happy, have enough water and food, play with their toys and sleep a lot. Moreover, talk with your canine and feline friend from anywhere you want. This smart feeder has an integrated real-time webcam and microphone which help you to know what are your pets doing. It connected via WiFi (2.4GHz network). The resolution of the camera is 1280 x 720 pixels. The maximum lens angle is 130°.

Pay attention: this feeder for pets supports memory cards up to 128GB (not included).

Smart control

Keep your pet healthy with the programmable feeder for domestic animals. Uses smart technology, this device helps you to control and a consistent feeding routine. All you will need is a smartphone or tablet, an APP and a WiFi connection. Also, the feeder has an offline mode. Even you lose network, your fluffy friend get his regular meal. This Automatic Pet Feeder with Remote Control compatible with IOS and Android devices.

Key Features from APP control

  • Timely feeding. Perfect for pets who habit to eat at the same time. Easily control intervals and portion sizes via a smartphone APP. You can support auto feeding for 4 meals per day.
  • Feeding amount. Helps to manage your pet eating if he has overweight. Flexible meal up to 10 portions, about 3.5oz in total. One part completes about 10g (0.35 oz).
  • Alarm reminder. Keeps a healthy eating habit for your pet. The APP records the feeding history (every 2 days) and calls alarm if there is no food on a system.
  • Voice recording. Good stuff to refuse your family favorites from gray when you are out of a home. Suitable for dogs and cats who do not eat while you are gone. You can record your voice in advance and it will play when the food comes out.
  • Offline Feeding. The model will continue to offer food based on previous settings even WiFi connection goes out.
  • Multifunctional app. Universal control for all family members. Several owners can hold this automatic feeder using a log in the same app account.