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Many of us want to create a cozy atmosphere at home, add a bit of natural freshness and greenish colors. For that, we install fish tanks and grow plants in pots. But what if you decided to combine these two ideas to free up some space? That’s what crossed the minds of two young designers from LA and gave birth to the concept of AquaFarm.

AquaFarm features

Aquafarm is a closed ecosystem that keeps a balance between the fish and the plants. You grow your own harvest of fresh parsley, red basil, or arugula and, at the same time, watch the life of your pet! Plants will clean the tank and use the fish’s waste products as a natural fertilizer. Thus, the fish feeds the plants while the plants clean the water. A real mini-farm that controls itself! The set comes ready-to-use with organic seeds that grow in 10 days. All you need to do is to put a fish inside.


The design of AquaFarm combines practical side with an esthetic look. The whole product consists of only two parts. The bottom one is a fish tank, on top if it – a plant tray for greens, flowers, and small vegetables like mini tomatoes. AquaFarm indoor garden kit is ergonomic and compact: 13.4 x 13.4 x 9.5 in (34 x 34 x 24 cm) and weighs 7,1 lbs/ 3,22 kg. The fish tank and plant tray material is polypropylene.

Watching your fish, as any other animal, has a relaxing effect, while fresh greens will produce some oxygen and remind you of summer on a cold winter day. AquaFarm will fit in any environment: in the kitchen, living room and even in the office – the place that often lacks connection to the green world outside.

How it works

To bring your ecosystem to the life you will need to do a few simple steps:

  1. Put the gravel inside the fish tank;
  2. Assemble the pump, install it in the tank;
  3. Fill the tank with water up to the fill line;
  4. Add half a cup of dechlor – a natural de-chlorinator that comes in the set;
  5. Fill the grow pods with grow stones, sprinkle some Zym-Bac (beneficial bacteria) over them, add the seeds;
  6. Put the fish in the tank, place the grow bed over it, and plug the pump in.

The autonomous ecosystem is on. Decorate the fish tank with artificial plants and pebbles. Just don’t forget to feed your fish! The natural waste from the fish will come up and feed the plants. The fish, in turn, will get clean water in return. The water pump doesn’t make any noise and the protective net won’t let the fish get inside the tube.

AquaFarm is a great gift for kids. It will teach them to love nature and take responsibility for their pets and plants.

For a more compact desktop-style version check out Aquaponic Aquarium.