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Aqua Magic Mat

Let your kid’s imagination bring to life via Aqua Magic Mat! This interactive toy can boost a child’s creativity and improve coordination skills. Thanks to the large area for the drawing, various patterns, and colorful templates, your little one will have a lot of pleasure while playing. The waterproof nylon material at the back of the mat avoid the leaks and mess on the floor. So, parents or teachers will also love the Aqua Magic Mat.

Advantages of Aqua Magic Mat

Easy to use and storage

With Aqua Magic Mat, do not use paint or ink anymore. Let your loved kids use water to alive their ideas. It is absolutely safe and does not leave any marks on clothes. Unlike regular ink, it is also non-toxic. Everything that needs to start is to feel the painting brush with clean water. After playing, this drawing mat can be turned off for compacted storage. Due to its soft material, it folds easily and does not take up much space.

Reusable area for painting

Aqua Magic Mat is an interactive toy, which will please your children for years. Thanks to the particular material, this mat offers endless space for painting. After a few minutes, finished drawings disappears and gives your kid a cleared area for new ideas.

Mindful gift for toddlers and growing up

Aqua Magic Mat is the best choice for the next talented artist in your life. This magical water art pad promotes creativity and develops drawing skills. It also boosts hand-eye coordination, explains the colors and alphabet. Moreover, Aqua Magic Mat teaches your little one to share and cooperate while they are playing together with friends. Therefore, it is always a good idea to choose this toy as a gift for your kids or parent friends. The manufacturer recommends it for children ages 3 and up.

All that needs in one box

Aqua Magic Mat includes all supplies for exciting entertainment. Inside the box, you will find everything to keep your little one busy. Besides the mat, the set includes 6 water brushes, 8 painting molds, 4 templates, sea world pattern jigsaw, and the booklet with ideas for drawing. Thanks to the size of 40 x 28 inches, the drawing mat can be used as together activity for a birthday party, school break, and so on.