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Apple Peeler

Wondering what to present to your grandma or mom for their next birthday or Mother’s day? Here is a great apple peeler that will make their life easier and your life tastier. With this apple peeler, it is possible to peel a wide variety of fruits and vegetables including potato, apples etc.

Save time and fingers

With this great apple peeler, you save tons of time and effort for peeling fruits and vegetables. Apple pie will be ready much faster and with less effort. If you need to peel potatoes for a soup or a favorite potato dish – 5 minutes and everything is completed. In addition, can you count how many times you have cut your fingers while doing kitchen duties? Such cuts are often painful and heal for days if not weeks, preventing you from normal life and attracting pitiful glances at work and in public places. So forget about knife cuts. Apple/Potato Peeler by Spiralizer will make the work safely and you will enjoy the process from the beginning to the end.

Reliable and easy to use apple peeler

This Spiralizer apple peeler consists of a heavy-duty die-cast magnesium alloy. This material is durable and will serve for many years without the need for repair or maintenance. The material brings greater strength and stability to the apple peeler. The Spiralizer peeler is protected from Rust and covered with chrome. The blades are stainless steel to achieve the best result of cutting and peeling. Besides that, the apple peeler is equipped with the rubber vacuum base that holds it on the majority of surfaces for stability and comfort. So this will be an excellent peeler for older people or those who have arthritis

This apple peeler slices, cores and peels fruits, apples and potatoes. Washing takes a few seconds because all parts are easy to access and there no parts that are hard to clean.