Apple MMEF2AM AirPods

Apple MMEF2AM AirPods

Remember all the warm feelings of using wired earphones. When you have to spend several minutes to unravel them. Or how the wire is always short and keeps meshing with everything around. Fail to recollect your joy from using wired earphones? We too. But here comes the end to your sufferings. With Apple MMEF2AM AirPods you will enjoy listening to your favorite music, watching videos, speaking the phone without any disturbing wires dangling from your ears.

Key features of Apple MMEF2AM AirPods

  • The AairPods connect instantly to all compatible devices.
  • You can activate Siri simply by double-tapping your pods without the necessity to use your iPhone.
  • A high-quality charge (W1 chip) allows listening to your favorite music for 5 hours without the need to recharge the earphones.
  • The airpods will suit all Apple devices with iOS 10 or later. watchOS3 or later, macOS Sierra or later.

The AirPods have a charging case which holds spare charges and will allow you to use the earphones for 24 hours listening or 11 hours talking. If you use the charging case, then 3 minutes of charging will provide around 3 hours of usage.

What is also important is that Apple MMEF2AM AirPods have high quality microphones. These microphones will filter unnecessary noise so your voice is clear and distinct in any surroundings while you are talking over the phone or making commands to Siti.

Quite interesting that Apple MMEF2AM AirPods connect simultaneously to many devices. For example, you can connect them to your phone and smartwatch. The signals will switch instantly depending on what device is sending them at each particular moment. You can also connect more than 2 devices to the AirPods. In addition to phone and smartwatch, you can add Mar or iPad.

These AirPods will be a perfect gift for anybody using Apple devices. They will the life of the user so much easier and comfortable.

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