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Apotie Silver Bat Pendant

Do you want to be in the spotlight at a Halloween party? Then you certainly have to choose this silver pendant produced by Apotie. Its design resembles a little cute bat. No doubts, it may be a great accessory that can help you to complete your Halloween costume. The pendant looks unique and is really elegant. Besides, it’s decorated with an awesome glowing bead that looks awesome in the dark. Such jewellery is a wonderful accessory for those who appreciate the gothic style. It can both complete your Halloween costume and create original everyday style. There are no doubts that this amazing pendant won’t leave anyone unsatisfied with it.

Incredibly Beautiful and Luxurious Item

This silver pendant is absolutely safe for health, as it doesn’t contain nickel, cadmium or lead. That’s why it won’t provoke allergy or any illness. And another unique feature of this pendant is the luminescent sphere that will keep shining with pale blue light for an hour in the dark. Just let it absorb natural light during daytime or hold it near a lamp. Wait for several minutes and it’ll complement your image with the atmosphere of magic and mystery.

The chain of the necklace is thin, lightweight but durable. It’s made of the supreme quality materials. And you shouldn’t worry that pendant or chain will scratch your skin. They are absolutely safe. Moreover, the bead is also made of 100% safe materials. Plus, the pendant’s ornament is really pretty and stylish. It’s a combination of magic, elegance and fairy tale. It’s a no-brainer that all these features make this pendant great for wearing by children, teenagers and even adults. You can be sure that such a bright accessory will bring something new to your style.

Be sure that such bright accessory can bring something new to any style. Its ability to glow in the dark will be a splendid surprise to any fashion-monger with an individual style. If you know the taste of your friend, relative, girlfriend or coworker and want to present them with a perfect gift, such pendant is just what you need. It suits not only for Halloween but for any other holiday, like a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, New Year or St. Valentine’s Day.